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21+ Best Free & Responsive WordPress Business Themes for Agencies & Startups in 2015

Starter | Responsive Free Onepage WordPress Themes 2015-09-15 18-38-46

In today’s Siteturner roundup, we take a look at the best free WordPress business themes available for 2015.  If your startup or agency is looking to save money on design & development, any one of the themes on this list should provide a good, inexpensive (free!) starting point.

For those of you tired of questionable, mixed-bag lists (there’s way too many “best of” lists that prominently feature hideous, broken themes), know that we selected these WordPress themes by hand, and that we curate the list by hand.   I (the writer of this piece) am a living human being, as opposed to a soulless, theme-shilling automaton.  Our selection process is pretty straight-forward: does it look good? Does it work like it’s supposed to? Are there some cool features? Is it easy to use? Is it actually free, or is it a severely restricted “freemium” product? Read More

18+ Best Free & Responsive WordPress Blog Themes for Aspiring Writers in 2015

Radcliffe | Just another WordPress site 2015-09-14 17-24-53

In this Siteturner roundup we take a look at the best free responsive WordPress blog themes for writers.  If you’re a blogger looking for a simple, great-looking WordPress blogging theme, there’s plenty of great options out there that can get you started without having to reach for your wallet.

Obviously, there are a lot of free WordPress themes out there.  How could we possible narrow it down, you ask? Though the selections on this list were partly influenced by personal taste, we did have some specific must-haves in mind when putting it together. Read More

WordPress Development Basics: Use functions.php to Add a Custom Menu to Your Theme

article covers

In our last WordPress Development Basics article, we created a bare bones WordPress theme from scratch.   In this article, we’ll add a custom navigation menu to that theme with the help of functions.php.

The WordPress theme we created last time around was just about as simple as a WordPress theme can be, consisting of only four files: style.css, header.php, index.php, and footer.php.   But almost all free and premium WordPress themes also include a file called functions.php.  It’s not a requirement, but functions.php works a bit like a plugin, allowing developers too add functionality to their themes beyond the capabilities of templates and stylesheets.  Custom navigation, for example! Read More

WordPress Development Basics: Create a New Theme from Scratch in 7 Steps


Want to create a brand-new WordPress theme from scratch?  Feel overwhelmed by the information in the WordPress Codex? In this article, we simplify the process and break it down into easy to follow steps.

For this tutorial, we assume that you already have a working installation of WordPress and a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.  If you’re brand new to WordPress development, and you need help setting up a development environment, we recommend checking out this roundup of your best options. Read More

11+ Excellent Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes for 2015

Anew Tumblr-Style WordPress Theme

For this roundup, we picked out a few of the best Tumblr-style WordPress themes.  These minimalistic themes are perfect for writers and bloggers who love the simplicity of Tumblr, but don’t want to miss out on the power and extensibility provided by the WordPress platform.

When putting this list together, we discovered that many of the older tumblog themes on the market are starting to look dated.  With that in mind, we tried to select newer themes that reflect contemporary design trends and layouts.  We also purposely avoided including overtly complex themes: for this roundup, less was more. Read More

6+ Best Content Sharing Themes for WordPress in 2015

Fast Forward Content Sharing Theme for WordPress

Hey folks! In this Siteturner collection, we have a look at the best content sharing themes for WordPress.  If you’ve got it in mind to build a website around user-generated content, and you’ll be using the WordPress platform to do it, one of these themes will help you out.

Considering the popularity of leading content sharing websites like Piniterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit, it surprised us to discover only a handful of sharing themes to choose from while assembling this list.   Perhaps most webmasters are getting their content sharing functionality from plugins; perhaps some are developing custom solutions and themes.  Regardless, we did turn up some strong products, and narrowed our roundup to six stand-outs. Read More

Make an Impression: 11+ Excellent Responsive vCard & Resume Themes for WordPress in 2015

Flato Resume theme for WordPress

This time, we’re looking at a few of the best vCard & resume themes for WordPress.   Want a great looking site that will impress potential clients and employers?  Of course you do.  You’re not stupid.

There’s a ton of CV/Resume themes out there, which is why we won’t presume that these are objectively the best available.  But we’re confident that they are at the top of the pile, and each one packages in all the functionality you need to show off your skills and portfolio in a memorable, professional way. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Web Hosting Themes with WHMCS Support in 2015

Seven Host WordPress Hosting Theme

For this Siteturner roundup, we gathered together the best WordPress web hosting themes.  If you’re a hosting company startup, or a hosting reseller looking to save money on your site’s design (and take advantage of everything WHMCS has to offer), one of these themes will be a good fit.

Chances are you arrived here from Google after searching for WordPress themes that support WHMCS, so we won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of what that is and what it does.  If you don’t already know what it is, you can find out more about it here.   Beyond the standard features you might be looking for – pricing tables, domain search forms, WPML support – all the themes on this list are fully integrated with WHMCS via a bridge plugin. Read More

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