11+ Best WordPress Fundraising and Charity Themes for NGOs 2014

4ChildrenWithLove - Best WordPress Charity Themes for 2014

In today’s round-up, we check out the best WordPress fundraising and charity themes currently available for nonprofit, non-governmental organizations.  If you’re building an NGO website for fundraising and awareness, and you’ll be using WordPress to do it, these high-quality themes will provide an inexpensive starting point.

Any fundraising or charity theme worth its salt must support taking donations.  Preferably the theme will feature, a large, visible button above the fold of the page, a customizable form, and integration with a payment gateway.  The good news is that all of the themes on this list hit that benchmark.  After that, the requirements will depend on the individual needs of your nonprofit or charity.   For example, you might want to be able to set and display fundraising targets to your visitors. Read More

15+ Best WordPress Lawyer & Law Firm Themes for 2014

Neilmink - Best WordPress Law Firm Themes

Today we’re looking at the best WordPress lawyer and law firm themes.   Any one of these themes will work for lawyers, judges, legal offices, legal corporations, firms, or independent attorneys.

Sometimes in our round ups, we’re looking for a very specific feature set.   In this instance, the must-have features for a legal theme will depend on the individual requirements of the law firm or practice.  Form builders are a nice feature, and custom post types for content like testimonials and case studies could come in handy, too. Read More

24+ Best WordPress Video Themes for 2014

VideoTube - YouTube Style Video Theme for WordPress

In today’s Siteturner theme round-up, we’re looking at the best WordPress video themes currently available.  Initially, it was our aim to only cover themes with a YouTube-style aesthetic and features set, but we’ve expanded our criteria to include some of the better video magazine themes as well.

On the surface, the must-haves for a video theme appear to be self-evident.  You need to be able to add and display videos.  Pretty straight-forward, right? But there are some more things to consider, because after all, WordPress itself supports embedded video out-of-the-box. Read More

Good News: We’ve Made Something Easier


Today we removed the sign-up requirement for downloading our free themes.   You can now download them instantly with one click by visiting each theme’s respective page.

Initially we thought mandatory sign-ups might be a good way to grow our mailing list.  But it’s annoying, and nobody likes it – including us.  So that’s that.

If you do want to join our mailing list, and be notified of new theme releases and totally sweet discounts, you can still subscribe using the form to the right.

Siteturner’s DT Plugin Suite

DT Plugin Suite is collection of WordPress plugins developed to add functionality to our selection of free Siteturner WordPress themes.

You can download the zip below.  Contained in the archive is the DT Features plugin, the DT Testimonials plugin, the DT Projects plugin and the DT People plugin.  See below for a detailed explanation of each plugin.


To install, unzip the archive and upload each plugin individually through the WordPress dashboard as you normally would, or upload the contents of the archive to your wp-content/plugins folder. Read More

18+ Best WordPress Hotel Themes for 2014

Takamodo - Best WordPress Hotel Themes

In today’s article, we check out the best WordPress hotel themes available in 2014.   If you’re building a website for a hotel, a bed & breakfast, an inn, a resort or even a campground, and you’re planning to use WordPress to do it, one of the booking themes on this list could potentially save you a lot of time and money.

The most basic requirement of a solid WordPress hotel theme is a working booking form.  All themes that appear on this list but the final selection meet this criteria.  Some themes provide booking systems that are more sophisticated than others, and many are integrated with payment gateways for accepting room deposits and payments.   The most comprehensive, extendable solutions are the first two selections, and if you’ve been trying to make a decision, we feel fairly confident in recommending either of these two themes (and the optional BookingEngine plugin). Read More

14+ Best WordPress Tourism and Travel Agency Themes for 2014

Fatherland - Best WordPress Tourism Themes

Today we’re going to take a look at the best WordPress tourism and travel agency themes out there.  These themes were built specifically for travel agencies and tour operators.  If you’re looking for travel blog themes, you should check out our previous round-up, the 15+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2014.

When choosing a WordPress theme for your travel agency or tourism website, there’s a couple things you should keep in mind.  First, you’ll need to be able to create detailed listings for your travel/tour packages.  You’ll want visitors to the site to be able to search and filter these listings via an intuitive, useful search function.   All but the last theme on our list meet this requirement. Read More

15+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2014

Path - Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes

For this exciting Siteturner round-up, we’ve selflessly gathered up the best WordPress travel blog themes currently available.  If you’re a travel enthusiast, and want to start sharing tales of your adventures on your very own WordPress website, one of these themes might come in handy.

During the time we spent searching the internet for the top travel blog themes, we noticed something interesting.  Many of the collections on other blogs focused primarily on themes for travel agencies and agents.  We didn’t want to do that here.  We’ll be putting together a list of the best travel agency themes later on (here it is).  The themes featured on this list are exclusively for travel blogging. Read More

14+ Best WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes 2014

Base - Best WordPress Knowledge Base Themes

In this round-up, we’re taking a look at the best wiki and knowledge base themes available for WordPress in 2014.   Several have been developed with support desks and help desks in mind.

The must-have features are pretty straight forward.  You need to be able to build a collection of articles, organize them in a sensible way, and search and navigate those articles easily.  Every theme on this list satisfies those requirements.   Live AJAX searching, which will eliminate page reloads and improve user experience, is not necessary but certainly desirable.  If you’re planning on building a help or support desk, bbPress integration will be essential for interacting with your customers and site visitors. Read More

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