14+ Best WordPress Dating (and Community) Themes for 2014

best dating themes

Hold onto your hats, it’s another exciting round-up article! This time we scanned the internet looking for the best WordPress dating and community themes we could find.

Before putting this together, we had it in mind to write a “Best WordPress Dating Themes” article, focusing exclusively on themes developed for that use.  Surprisingly, it turns out there’s very few themes specifically created for dating websites. Read More

12+ Best WordPress Gym and Fitness Themes for 2014

Welcome to Fitness GamePlan Best WordPress Gym and Fitness Themes

Guess what? It’s time to check out some of the best gym and fitness themes currently available for WordPress.

These themes are specifically intended for use by gyms (and, in some instances, personal trainers).  Many of these include the blog capability you would expect, but if you’re looking to start something like a health magazine or a fitness tips blog, you might want to check out our recent round-up of magazine themes or our collection of blog themes instead. Read More

21+ Best WordPress Magazine and News Themes for 2014

Sparkle - Best WordPress Magazine Themes

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best WordPress magazine themes and WordPress news themes currently available.

Most of them are from this year, with a few exceptions for the sake of variety (otherwise, we’d be primarily featuring themes from ThemeForest).

These themes were selected by hand, based on aesthetic and quality of features.  All are responsive, unless otherwise noted.  The list is numbered for readability, but is not intended to imply any sort of ‘best to worst’ ranking.

Got it? Great! Let’s start with… Read More

22+ Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2014


Today we’ve got a selection of the best WordPress blog themes currently available for 2014, with the majority of the list released this year.

When selecting, we looked specifically for themes that conformed to the traditional blog style: a navigation menu,  a single sidebar, and a listing of posts.   You could accurately describe many of these as minimalistic. Read More

How to Start a Fashion Blog for Money, Power, and Glory: Part One


Do you love fashion?  Do you want to work from home, make money, and earn your living by writing about fashion (while maybe scoring some free stuff in the process)?   We’ve put together a short guide to help you get started with building your very own blog.

Fashion blogging is big business these days, with top bloggers seeing incomes of 80k per month.   Prominent, top bloggers also hold a lot more influence over the industry than ever before.  From book deals, to collaborations with designers, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Fashion Blog and Magazine Themes for 2014

Best WordPress Fashion Blog Themes - Valenti

Presenting the best WordPress fashion blog themes available for 2014.  We took a look through all of the top developers, and we narrowed it down to our top eleven.

Fashion blogging is one of the most lucrative blogging niches, and the income of fashion blogs keeps rising.   Top fashion bloggers are earning up to 80k a month on affiliate commissions – nearly 1M a year. Read More

The Five Best WordPress Frameworks of 2014


Hi, everybody.  Today we’re taking a quick look at five of the best WordPress Frameworks of 2014.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Note that the following frameworks might not have been released in 2014.  They’re just some of the best choices available in 2014.   All are regularly updated and rigorously supported.  When it comes to selecting the foundation of your site, the feature-packed, cutting-edge framework that was released yesterday probably isn’t your best choice anyway.

Old, grizzly, seasoned WordPress developers will already be familiar with these theme frameworks.  If you’re one of those, maybe check out another article, like this one. Read More

WordPress 4.0 Beta 1: First Impressions


Look familiar? The first beta of WordPress 4.0 was released last week, and some users expressed surprise about how little it had changed, anticipating a more significant overhaul for a major release.

Of course, an overhaul would be stupid, because WordPress is fine the way it is, and the 4.0 beta illustrates the if-it-isn’t-broke principle fairly well. Part of the strength of the platform is in its incremental improvements; WordPress 4.0 could just as easily be versioned 3.10. Read More

Please, Sir, I Want Some More, or The Themeforest Affiliate Dilemma


Yesterday, while I was putting together the 14+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes for 2014 article, I briefly considered entirely omitting Themeforest from the list. The reasoning was pretty straight forward: Themeforest, or Envato, run one the stingiest affiliate programs in the WordPress premium market. Maybe the most stingy. Some affiliate marketers might even go so far as to call it greedy or unfair.

I don’t think this is a controversial statement, and many others, all too familiar with the limitations of the program, are comparably frustrated by it. I want to provide useful articles to Siteturner visitors, but I do have to keep money in mind. I need to maximize the potential of those articles. And unlike most affiliate programs, clicks through to Themeforest are not counted, nor commissions, if the visitor clicking through has visited the site previously within the past three months. Which is harsh. Real harsh. Read More