Make an Impression: 11+ Excellent Responsive vCard & Resume Themes for WordPress in 2015

Flato Resume theme for WordPress

This time, we’re looking at a few of the best vCard & resume themes for WordPress.   Want a great looking site that will impress potential clients and employers?  Of course you do.  You’re not stupid.

There’s a ton of CV/Resume themes out there, which is why we won’t presume that these are objectively the best available.  But we’re confident that they are at the top of the pile, and each one packages in all the functionality you need to show off your skills and portfolio in a memorable, professional way. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Web Hosting Themes with WHMCS Support in 2015

Seven Host WordPress Hosting Theme

For this Siteturner roundup, we gathered together the best WordPress web hosting themes.  If you’re a hosting company startup, or a hosting reseller looking to save money on your site’s design (and take advantage of everything WHMCS has to offer), one of these themes will be a good fit.

Chances are you arrived here from Google after searching for WordPress themes that support WHMCS, so we won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of what that is and what it does.  If you don’t already know what it is, you can find out more about it here.   Beyond the standard features you might be looking for – pricing tables, domain search forms, WPML support – all the themes on this list are fully integrated with WHMCS via a bridge plugin. Read More

18+ Best WordPress Landing Page Themes for App, Software, and eBook Developers

Lotek Landing Page Theme for WordPress

Hey, want to check out some of the best WordPress landing page themes?  If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we intend to do in this article.  If the answer is no, well, read on anyway.  What else have you got to do?

First things first: what’s a landing page theme? For all intents and purposes, it’s a one-page style WordPress theme that aims to put your product or service front-and-center, engaging each visitor the moment they land on your site.   Your requirements for a landing page may vary, depending on whether you’re promoting an app, software, an eBook or some other type of digital product, but the themes we’ve assembled for this list should have most of the bases covered. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Car Repair Themes for Mechanics & Garages

Auto Repair WordPress Mechanic Theme

For this article, we dug up a few of the best WordPress car repair themes (for mechanics, auto body shops, garages, etc).   If you’re the owner of an automotive business, any one of these themes is an excellent alternative to sinking money into an expensive custom website design.

When it comes to automotive/repair shop/garage themes, there’s not any must-have features and individual requirements will vary.   For the most, WordPress’s core functionality will pretty much have you covered.   On-site appointment forms are nice to have, and ideally you will be able to tweak and customize the theme without much fuss.   Though we based our choices primarily on design quality, it’s worth noting that we placed the themes with the most features toward the top of the list. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Construction Themes for Building Companies & Contractors

Construction Theme for WordPress

In this roundup, we take a look at the best WordPress construction themes for building companies & contractors. If you’re a developer putting together a WordPress-based construction website for a client, or a small building company looking to save some money by taking care of the website yourself, we’re confident you’ll find something here you like.

This niche of WordPress themes exploded this year, and there’s a lot more trade & construction-oriented themes to choose from than ever before.  These are some our favorites, and we based our decisions primarily on the design quality and the features provided.   There’s no must-have functionality, per se, and requirements will vary.  Sometimes simple is better; sometimes you’ll want a bit more bang-for-your-buck (particularly if you’re a developer serving multiple clients). Read More

11+ Best WordPress Sports Themes (Football, Soccer, Baseball & More) for 2015

Equipo WordPress Sports Theme

In this Siteturner roundup, we look at some of the best WordPress sports themes.  If you’re building a website for your sports club or team, a community center, or even a sports blog/magazine, one of these excellent themes will give you an inexpensive head start.

We’re looking at two types of sports-related themes in this article.   Themes developed specifically for teams and clubs are the most common, and will be what many of our readers are looking for.  Any worthwhile club or team theme for WordPress will include features like a points table, fixture and results management, player profiles, and team management.  All of the sports club themes on this list offer those features. Read More

11+ Best Retro & Vintage WordPress Themes for 2015

Modern Vintage Theme

Oh boy, it’s another Siteturner roundup!  This time we’re showing off some of the best retro & vintage WordPress themes money can buy.   If you’ve got in mind to give your blog, portfolio, or business an old-timey makeover, you can do it inexpensively with one of these themes.

Obviously, what we’re looking for here is a vintage aesthetic.   The themes on this list all meet that requirement, though their core functionality may vary.  Some are better suited to portfolios; some will work best for blogs. Read More

Fast, Mobile-Ready, and SEO Optimized: 15+ Best Corporate WordPress Themes for 2015

Marine Corporate WordPress Theme

It’s time for another Siteturner roundup! This time we’re taking a look at a few of the best and fastest corporate WordPress themes (that are mobile-ready and SEO optimized).  If you’re a developer looking for a theme for a client, or a designer looking for inspiration, hopefully you’ll see something you like.

There’s no must-have features for a corporate theme, and the functionality required will vary on a case to case basis.  But there is a corporate web design aesthetic, and that’s what we had in mind when selecting themes for this roundup.  Clean, modern and almost minimalistic design is favored by corporations and businesses.   Businesses want their service, product or message to take center stage, not gimmicks, animations and unnecessary distractions.   Plenty of white space and typography that ensures high-readability is key to a successful corporate design. Read More

WordPress Security: A Boiled-Down Guide to Toughening Up Your Website


WordPress installations the world over are under constant risk of being compromised by malicious script kiddies, would-be website thieves, insidious spammers, and bored (but technically proficient) douchebags.  This succinct guide to securing WordPress will help you to reduce the potential of hacked-site heartache.

For the sake of brevity, in this guide, we’ve decided against listing every available security plugin and service known to man.  The WordPress commercial market (and open source community) is thriving, and one could spend days humming and hawing over the pros and cons of competing security products.   Rest assured, our recommendations are sound, and this guide is less interested in providing an exhaustive list of options to fuss over than it is in getting the job done. Read More

Create Better Websites: 10 Must-Have Tools for Web Designers (and Developers) in 2015


New to web design?  In this article, we look at some of the must-have tools for web designers and developers in 2015.  If you’re an intermediate designer, hopefully you’ll still find something on this list that will help you to work better.   If you’re an expert, and already know everything, well, congratulations and good for you. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments where we went wrong.

A skilled person with CSS and HTML know-how could, of course, design and develop a website with little more than Windows Notepad and a web browser.  But that’s no longer necessary, and time is money.  The purpose of the tools on this list is to make your life easier.  Each will help you in building the best modern websites you can build, with cutting-edge techniques, in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Read More

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