The Five Best WordPress Frameworks of 2014


Hi, everybody.  Today we’re taking a quick look at five of the best WordPress Frameworks of 2014.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Note that the following frameworks might not have been released in 2014.  They’re just some of the best choices available in 2014.   All are regularly updated and rigorously supported.  When it comes to selecting the foundation of your site, the feature-packed, cutting-edge framework that was released yesterday probably isn’t your best choice anyway.

Old, grizzly, seasoned WordPress developers will already be familiar with these theme frameworks.  If you’re one of those, maybe check out another article, like this one. Read More

WordPress 4.0 Beta 1: First Impressions


Look familiar? The first beta of WordPress 4.0 was released last week, and some users expressed surprise about how little it had changed, anticipating a more significant overhaul for a major release.

Of course, an overhaul would be stupid, because WordPress is fine the way it is, and the 4.0 beta illustrates the if-it-isn’t-broke principle fairly well. Part of the strength of the platform is in its incremental improvements; WordPress 4.0 could just as easily be versioned 3.10. Read More

Please, Sir, I Want Some More, or The Themeforest Affiliate Dilemma


Yesterday, while I was putting together the 14+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes for 2014 article, I briefly considered entirely omitting Themeforest from the list. The reasoning was pretty straight forward: Themeforest, or Envato, run one the stingiest affiliate programs in the WordPress premium market. Maybe the most stingy. Some affiliate marketers might even go so far as to call it greedy or unfair.

I don’t think this is a controversial statement, and many others, all too familiar with the limitations of the program, are comparably frustrated by it. I want to provide useful articles to Siteturner visitors, but I do have to keep money in mind. I need to maximize the potential of those articles. And unlike most affiliate programs, clicks through to Themeforest are not counted, nor commissions, if the visitor clicking through has visited the site previously within the past three months. Which is harsh. Real harsh. Read More

5 Reasons to Give Up On Your Dreams (and Resign Yourself to a Life of Quiet Desperation)


We all have those days. But for some of us, those days turn into weeks, and those weeks into months, and those months into years. You begin to ask yourself:  why bother?

Should you even bother? It’s not an easy question to answer. Not after all this time. You already have so much invested.

Let’s consider a few good reasons to give up on your dreams. Read More

5 Best Ways to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving Forward with Your Business or Blog


We all have those days.  There’s things you want to do, and things you need to do, but you just can’t get yourself going.   The road ahead seems a hell of a lot longer than it did yesterday.   You wake up with the best intentions, and proceed to spend most of the day in your pyjamas reading Facebook posts and Gawker articles.  You get little to nothing done, and you go to bed frustrated, wondering what went wrong.

Want to get more done in a day?  Here’s our five best tips for staying motivated. Read More

14+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes for 2014


Welcome to the latest Siteturner round-up.  This time we’re looking at the best wedding WordPress themes currently available in 2014.   The wedding themes on this list have been selected by hand, by a professional designer, and are presented in no particular order.

Well, folks! It’s that time of year! The sun is shining, and a warm breeze is blowing in from the east.  The birds are singing.  And couples the world over are coercing their friends and families into attending long, narcissistic events in celebration of the worst decision they’ll make during their adult life.   A decision that simply must be commemorated online.  How else will the alien archaeologists learn of the great love the two shared, carelessly destroyed, and callously abandoned to rot and ruin?  Besides, Mike and Nicole have a website celebrating their nuptials.   Who wants to be outdone by Mike and Nicole? Read More

How to Choose a WordPress Theme That’s Right for You

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

So you’ve decided to start a new website. You’re going to use WordPress to do it. But you’re not a designer, or you don’t have the time, desire or patience to build a new WordPress theme from scratch. What do you do? You choose a WordPress theme that’s the perfect fit.

But wait: since 2008, when the WordPress premium theme market started to take off, the number of options have multiplied exponentially. There’s free themes and premium themes and freemium themes (those are the ones that start off Lite, and upsell to Pro versions with additional bells & whistles). There’s theme forests and theme mojos, there’s woos and zillas. Your mind is boggled, and why not?

Here’s some things to consider when you’re looking for a new WordPress theme. Read More

Should I Buy Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers?


It’s a rainy summer day, and I’ve got a problem.  There’s only twenty Likes on the Siteturner Facebook page, and, last I checked, one Twitter follower.  The situation is dismal, and the past week I’ve been mulling over an age old question: should I buy Facebook likes?

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar dilemma, also considering this tempting social marketing shortcut.  You’ve said to yourself: It’s not as if buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers is illegal!  Everybody else is doing it!  It can’t do any harm!

Well, you’re right about the first two things: it isn’t illegal to buy Facebook likes, and lots of other people are doing it, so we’ll leave most of the ethical and philosophical musings for another day.  It could be argued that there’s little difference between buying Likes and the old-fashioned advertising used to build a company’s image and brand.  It’s just business as usual.   Deception is nothing new: believe it or not, the cheerful mothers in Tide commercials are not washing their own clothes, and some of those stains will never come out. Read More

Siteturner Redesign and Relaunch


Astute return visitors will note that Siteturner (formerly DiabloThemes) looks a lot different today than it did yesterday.   The most astute return visitors might even have a hunch that we’ve redesigned the site with a look that’s more in line with our new direction and goals.

There’ll be a few bugs to iron out, no doubt, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.  New (and exciting?) content will be coming along shortly, but in the meantime, be sure to take a look at some of our free WordPress themes.   Maybe even, you know, download a couple.   If you want to keep abreast of what’s happening at Siteturner, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to do nothing at all.  Seems a bit lazy to us, but it’s your life. Rebranded as


As of today, has been rebranded as, with a snazzy new logo and a site redesign pending.  For now, returning visitors who are disturbed by change can rest easy.

If anyone’s wondering why I’ve opted to do this (and I’m sure someone must be), there’s a straightforward explanation: I don’t think the name DiabloThemes is in line with the direction I want to take the site. Read More