18+ Best WooCommerce-based WordPress e-Commerce Themes for Fashion & Clothing Stores in 2015

Maven WordPress E-commerce Theme

Today we’re checking out the best WooCommerce-based WordPress e-Commerce Themes for fashion & clothing stores.   If you’re going to sell apparel of any kind, and use WordPress to do it, you can save yourself lots of time and money by going with one of these excellent premium themes over an expensive custom design.

When selecting the themes for this list, our first consideration was design.  Does it look great? Is it modern and trendy?  If so, it makes the list.  Our second consideration was useability.  How user-friendly is it? Will it confuse or frustrate potential customers? Is it fast?  Lagging, counter-intuitive, or buggy themes need not apply.  Read More

11+ Best WooCommerce Themes for Electronics & Computer Stores in 2015

Flowmaster WooCommerce Elecrontics Theme

In this article, we look at the best WooCommerce themes for electronics and computer stores.  Mobile and cellphone providers, camera shops, DVD/Blu-Ray retailers, video game stores, and other pimps of technological gadgetry looking to build or extend their online presence and hawk their wares ought to find something here to help them out.

Due to the sheer volume of WooCommerce themes on the market, to narrow the focus, we selected themes with electronics shops and computer stores in mind.  But any one of these WordPress e-commerce themes could be adapted for other uses.   A few include skins appropriate for  apparel (though we’ll be posting another round-up for fashion retailers later).  All the themes support WooCommerce. Read More

14+ Best Masonry, Grid & Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes for 2015

PinThis Pinterest-like Theme for WordPress

Another day, another Siteturner round-up.  In this one, we look at the best masonry, grid and Pinterest-Style WordPress themes.   Want your blog, magazine or portfolio to have the same cool, shuffling ‘pin’ look of sites like Pinterest,  Behance, Dribble, and FoodGawker?  You need one of these themes.

The common thread here is layout and infinite scrolling.  In terms of layout, that signature Pinterest-like design revolves around something called masonry, in which posts are laid out in columns like bricks, and shuffle when information is added, removed, or when the browser is resized.  The shuffling is usually accompanied by a slick, satisfying animation as the blocks move into their new positions. Read More

11+ Best Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) WordPress Themes for 2015

Pyxis EDD WordPress Theme

Hello, friend.  In this post, we look at the best WordPress themes compatible with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin.   If you’re going to use WordPress for selling digital products and goods, Easy Digital Downloads is the standard.  If you want your site to look good while doing it, consider using one of the themes on this list.

What makes a good Easy Digital Downloads theme? Compatibility with the EDD plugin is a good start.  And after that, all bets are off: it really depends on who you are and what you’re selling.  Have a look at the themes we drudged up, and you might see something that suits your fancy. Read More

15+ Best Beauty Parlour, Spa & Hair Salon Themes for WordPress in 2015

Hairdo Hair Salon Theme for WordPress

In today’s article, we look at the best beauty parlour, spa, and hair salon themes now available for WordPress.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to promote your own establishment, or a developer looking to build a site for a client, hopefully you’ll see something you like.

The primary requirement of a salon, spa, hairdresser or massage parlour theme is that they look the part.  We believe all the themes on this list meet that requirement.   Because we live in the present, and not the past, they should be responsive – meaning they’ll work and look great on smartphones and tablets. All of the themes this list meet that requirement too. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2015

Semantic Theme for WordPress Writers

In this Siteturner round-up, we examine the best WordPress themes for writers currently available.  Aspiring writers of fiction and non-fiction, bloggers, journalists and other literary professionals who are looking to build their first WordPress site, or simply give their existing site a professional looking makeover, can do so inexpensively with the help of one of these premium themes.

We selected the themes on this list by hand, and based our choices largely on the quality of their design.  The best themes for writers are always those that draw focus to the content itself, and you’ll note that many of our selections lean toward an elegant, minimalistic aesthetic.  Bold, tasteful typography and white space win out over visual noise and extraneous, distracting gimmicks.

Read More

21+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for Artists, Freelancers and Agencies for 2015

Strap - Best WordPress Themes for Artists

This round-up is all about the best portfolio WordPress themes for artists, freelancers and design agencies.   Photographers, illustrators, web designers and other sorts of creative professionals might find something they like, too.

The primary requirement of a portfolio theme is pretty self-explanatory: it’s got to have portfolio functionality.  Everything else is secondary; the entire point is to showcase your hard work.  The portfolio should be user-friendly, intuitive and sortable – the more advanced the filtering capability, the better.  Because we live in the present, and not the past, you’d also do well to choose a theme that’s responsive and retina-ready. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Tattoo & Piercing Studio Themes 2015

NeoTattooSalon Theme

For this round-up, we’ve decided to gather together a few of the best WordPress tattoo themes for tattoo studios and artists.   If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to launch a website for your tattoo & piercing parlor on the WordPress platform, one of the themes on this list ought to do the job.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: there’s not many tattoo themes for WordPress out there.  This is a pretty short list, which probably won’t be surprising to our web developer and designer readers.  Still, we did manage to turn up a few.  The basic requirements are a portfolio page, and some way to showcase client galleries and artist bios.  This is usually done using custom post types and page templates.  And, obviously, the theme needs to look the part.  Dark, rich color schemes are par for the course. Read More

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Architects and Architecture Firms 2015

Architecture WordPress Theme

In this Siteturner round-up, we’re checking out the best WordPress themes for architects and architecture firms.  If you’re a small firm or independent designer building your website on WordPress, one of these themes will give you an inexpensive head-start.

Overall, the core of any good architecture-related theme is the portfolio.  Above all, you’re going to need some way to showcase current and past projects in the most aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly way possible.  All of the themes on this list meet that requirement.   You may also want to feature team members and clients.   Most of the themes on this list provide custom page templates and post types that will accomplish that and more. Read More

18+ Cute & Feminine WordPress Themes for Women in 2015

Gothica WordPress Theme for Women

Today we’re having a look at some of the best feminine WordPress themes for women (and men!) available.   From overtly stylish themes, to pretty themes, to just plain cute WordPress themes, we tried to make sure that there’s something here for everyone.   If you’re a mommy blogger, an interior designer, or even if you’re just starting a personal blog, one of these themes could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Many of the themes that qualify for this list share a very specific design aesthetic.  Pastels, watercolor textures, cursive typography and thin, elegant lines are few of the hallmarks.  We selected them by hand, based on the quality of the design. Read More

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