25+ Best WordPress Education Themes for 2014


Now we’ve had a chance to check out the wide variety of educational themes available for WordPress, we’ve decided to assemble them all in one place for your reference or reading pleasure.  These are some of the best WordPress educational themes currently available.

There’s quite a bit of variety when it comes to educational themes, in terms of both design and features.  If you’re looking to build an online presence for your daycare, a preschool, or a private educational institution, WordPress designers and premium theme developers have it covered.  There’s some fanstastic, modern and beautiful designs that are perfect for universities and colleges.   And if you want to set up an advanced e-commerce site to sell courses online, you’ve got a few fantastic premium options that are completely affordable. Read More

12+ Best WordPress University and School Themes for 2014


Welcome to the final entry in our three part series of educational themes.  This time around, we’re all about the best university, college and school themes available for the WordPress platform.

Most of the themes on this list are fairly straight forward and easy to use, even for WordPress novices.   At the minimum, you’ll want a theme that is responsive so that it will work properly on mobile devices, and you might even want a theme that gives you a least some customization options and control over the layout on the back-end.   A few add-ons you might also want to consider are custom post types for courses, advanced search capabilities, event schedulers and WooCommerce support. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Preschool and Daycare Themes for 2014


For the latest entry in our series of educational theme round-ups, let’s have a look at some of the best WordPress preschool and daycare themes currently available.

You can’t go wrong with any of these WordPress themes for your daycare, preschool or nursery.  If you’re looking for bright, fun and playful design, there’s something for you on this list; if you prefer a more professional, upscale aesthetic, there’s a few themes here that will fit that bill, too. Read More

6+ Best WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) Themes for 2014


So you want to sell online courses.  Or, maybe, you’re building a site for someone who wants to sell online courses.  Here’s the best WordPress LMS themes currently on the market.

Building a learning management system is no small task and, if you don’t have a lot of money to sink into the endeavor, starting with a premium theme is the best way to go.  You won’t find a free theme that’s powerful enough to do the job, and while there are free plugins available, the premium LMS themes are inexpensive enough that they’re the most sensible starting point.   This kind of product would have been priced four or five times higher little more than five years ago. Read More

21+ Best WordPress Church Themes for 2014


Howdy, folks.  Welcome to another WordPress round-up.  For this one, we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress church themes and religious themes currently available.  Fasten your seatbelts!

All of these themes are responsive, unless otherwise noted, and most include at least an event planner as a feature (which could be considered a must-have).   In addition to event planners, many include custom post types for sermons and staff as well.   Most of these could be used for other sorts of non-profit sites with a few cosmetic tweaks, and a few include donantion/PayPal integration that would be perfect for charity fundraising. Read More

18+ Best WordPress Food Blog and Recipe Themes for 2014


Welcome to our latest round-up.   This time, we’re presenting some of the best food blog and recipe themes for WordPress currently available on the internet. (If you can find WordPress themes somewhere other than the internet, please let us know.  We’d especially like to cover those.)

Sometimes there’s a loose order to our collections, and in this case, the top five on the list probably are our favorite.   If you visit food or recipe blogs regularly, you’ve likely even seen our fifth place selection, Petit by WPZoom.  It seems to get around. Read More

13+ Best WordPress Medical and Health Themes for 2014


Another day, another collection of top-notch, beautifully designed WordPress themes.   Let’s take a peep at a few of the best medical and health related themes currently available for WordPress.

If you’re building a site for a medical practice, a dentistry practice, or maybe even a pharmacy, and you’re using the WP platform, any one of these themes would be a great fit.   And most would be suitable for any other sort of health-related service, too.  You know, like chiropractors, or maybe some new age type of deal that features healing crystals and whale sounds.  Why not a homeopathy clinic? That could work! Read More

9+ Best WordPress Pet and Animal Related Themes for 2014


Welcome to our latest Siteturner round-up article. This time we’ve decided to seek out the best pet and animal related themes for the WordPress platform.

This list is likely to grow as time goes on. We were a bit disappointed to discover that there’s currently few premium quality themes available that were developed and designed with the pet niche in mind.

Read More

14+ Best WordPress Dating (and Community) Themes for 2014

best dating themes

Hold onto your hats, it’s another exciting round-up article! This time we scanned the internet looking for the best WordPress dating and community themes we could find.

Before putting this together, we had it in mind to write a “Best WordPress Dating Themes” article, focusing exclusively on themes developed for that use.  Surprisingly, it turns out there’s very few themes specifically created for dating websites. Read More

12+ Best WordPress Gym and Fitness Themes for 2014

Welcome to Fitness GamePlan Best WordPress Gym and Fitness Themes

Guess what? It’s time to check out some of the best gym and fitness themes currently available for WordPress.

These themes are specifically intended for use by gyms (and, in some instances, personal trainers).  Many of these include the blog capability you would expect, but if you’re looking to start something like a health magazine or a fitness tips blog, you might want to check out our recent round-up of magazine themes or our collection of blog themes instead. Read More