8+ Best WordPress Insurance Agency Themes for 2017

Alright! Let’s take a look at best WordPress insurance agency themes for 2017. If you arrived here from Google, our best guess is that you’re a developer building a website for an insurance company client. Well, we hope you find what you’re looking for on this list. (You probably will.)

All themes in this showcase were developed with either insurance agencies or financial consulting companies in mind.  They mostly share a familiar, finance-oriented design aesthetic, and so we based our selections primarily on the quality of that design.  There are no must-have features (beyond current tech requirements, like responsiveness), but we think a few custom page templates, and perhaps a quote form, might be worth having. Read More

8+ Best Wedding Planner WordPress Themes for 2017

In today’s roundup, we get a bit mushy about the best wedding planner WordPress themes for 2017. Event planning and wedding agencies looking to launch or spruce up their web presence using WordPress can’t go wrong with any of the themes on this list.

When making our selections, we went for quality, industry-appropriate design–these products were conceived and developed especially for wedding planning and event planning agencies. Although there’s plenty of generic, free business themes you could massage and customize into a wedding planning website, these premium products are fairly priced, and we think they’ll save you time and money in the long run. You’ll ideally start impressing potential clients the moment they land on your site. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Limo & Taxi Company Themes 2017

For this showcase, we’ve rolled out best WordPress limo and taxi company themes for 2017. WordPress provides a quick and easy way to build a web presence for your car-for-hire business, and one of these themes will help you keep down development costs and still come away with a professional looking site inspiring visitor and client confidence.

Note that not all of the themes in this roundup were released this year. Although we’ve tried to keep our choices as fresh as possible, Taxi companies are limousine services are a relative small niche for WordPress designers to tackle.  So we decided to limit our picks to products developed especially for that niche.

You could probably haggle with a generic business theme, but our thought is that you might as well start as close to the finish line as possible. Is there any reason to spend extra time and money on extensive customizations, when you can just start with a product that’s close to turn-key? No. There isn’t. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Viral Themes for 2017

In today’s infectious roundup, we share the best WordPress viral themes for 2017.  We have a feeling that readers (who’ve landed here from Google) might be self-starting entrepreneurs looking to launch a website along the lines of Buzzfeed, 9gag, Upworthy or boredpanda using the WordPress CMS as a platform. Well, let me tell ya, these themes are good place to start.

Most viral websites share a particular aesthetic–big, bold typography, and bright colors, with a focus on content.  Unlike many of the current web design trends, which embrace a kind of minimalist, monotone elegance, you could almost describe the average viral site as gaudy. Lots of vibrant, eye catching buttons, badges, and imagery.  Some might find ’em ugly, but, hey–if it works, it works. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Themes for Independent Publishers & Authors in 2017

In this short roundup, we highlight several of the best WordPress themes for independent publishing houses and authors (available for 2017).  WordPress is an ideal platform for small publishers and self-publishing authors looking to promote and sell their brand, library, books, and ebooks online.

This post should be considered a companion to another of our showcases, 8+ Best WordPress Bookstore Themes, and readers searching for theme with emphasis on e-commerce (think Amazon or Barnes & Noble) might be better served by the themes on that list.  The selections on this list are better suited to independent publishers and individual authors, the designs aiming toward creating a slightly more corporate/marketing aesthetic. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Lifestyle Blog Themes for 2017

What’s in this roundup? We’re glad you asked: it’s the best WordPress lifestyle blog themes for 2017. If you’re starting a new lifestyle blog, fashion blog, or personal blog, one of these lovely designs should do the trick nicely. Or, hey, maybe you’re giving a makeover to an existing blog. These themes will work for that, too.

Most of the themes in this showcase occupy a similar space aesthetically. Lifestyle, fashion, and personal blog themes tend to embrace elegant, airy design that pulls visitor focus to content. Which makes sense. You want visitors to read your stuff, presumably, as opposed to being distracted by fancy animations, or annoyed by JavaScript gimmickry.

Some would probably describe many of the themes on this list as feminine. Well, we don’t buy into those rigid gender stereotypes. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Jewelry Themes (for WooCommerce) 2017

For this exquisite showcase, we’ve polished up a list of the best WordPress jewelry themes for 2017.  Any of these stylish, ornate designs will help out jewelers (and their web developers) looking to set up a web presence and hawk their gold and diamonds using the WooCommerce platform.

To make this roundup as useful and relevant as possible, we omitted old themes and limited the list to designs tailored exclusively for online jewelry stores. Each of these themes is powered by the wonderful WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes. We think it easily competes with other popular open-source and premium shopping cart solutions out there. There’s tons of community support, including a smorgasbord of free add-ons and paid extras. You can keep things simple to start, and ramp things up as your online business grows. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Organic Food & Farm Themes (with WooCommerce) 2017

For this roundup, we harvested a healthy crop of the best WordPress organic food and farm themes for 2017. Organic store owners, farms, and other agricultural businesses looking to grow their web presence and move their produce online won’t need to look any further for a great-looking, cost-effective entry point.

The feature-packed and extensible WooCommerce plugin powers each of these organic store and farm themes. This e-commerce suite provides all the functionality you’ll need to build a robust online shopping cart, and can expand as your business grows thanks to a wealth of free, third-party add-ons and many fantastic premium plugins.  Read More

8+ Best WordPress Baby Shop Themes (for Toys, Games & Clothing) in 2017

The best WordPress baby shop themes of 2017 are the topic of today’s colorful, playful WooCommerce roundup. Want to start selling baby clothes, toys, games, and other accessories online using the WordPress platform? One of these cute, lighthearted themes will be an excellent (and inexpensive) starting point.

We made our picks based primarily on design quality and relevance to the niche. Each theme includes a design crafted especially for baby stores and retailers of kid’s products. The themes represent the latest web design trends and technologies. You won’t find an obsolete, dated-looking product on this list. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Furniture Store Themes (for WooCommerce) in 2017

For this roundup, we snapped together a showcase of the best WordPress furniture store themes for 2017. No pieces were left over. If you’re a web developer building an online furniture store for a client, and using the WooCommerce platform to do it, one of these excellent products should save you some money and time.

We suspect you’ve reached this article from Google with a certain expectation in mind. So we’ve opted to not waste your time, or ours, and limit this list to designs tailored especially to online furniture stores and home decor retailers. There’s a lot of generic e-commerce/WooCommerce themes out there you can adapt, but why not start as close to the finished product as you can? Although these themes are flexible, with lots of options on the back, most will also work as a nearly turn-key solution. Read More