10 Best WP Gaming Magazine Themes (like IGN & PC Gamer) for 2017

For this WordPress roundup, we loaded up the best gaming magazine themes available for 2017.  Aspiring publishers, writers, reviewers and game bloggers looking to build the next IGN, PC Gamer, or Game Informer can pull a cost-effective, quick, and easy starting point from this list.

We tried to keep our selections as recent as possible, and limit the picks to game magazine themes released within the last year (with a couple of exceptions). Industry-appropriate design was our top priority–gaming magazine themes ought to tap into a fairly specific, familiar aesthetic–and the features set was our secondary consideration. Features like WooCommerce shopping cart functionality, and support for popular third-party community/forum building plugins (like bbPress) are nice to have.  Many of these themes offer Visual Composer, or a comparable drag & drop page builder. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Bookstore Themes (for WooCommerce) 2017

In this showcase, we check out the best WordPress bookstore themes for 2017. Venturing into e-commerce and developing an online storefront can be a daunting and expensive task, but good news: you can leverage your efforts and cut costs using the WooCommerce platform.

Each of the themes on this list have a purpose-oriented design and feature set constructed especially for online bookstores and booksellers. Maybe you’re a small used bookshop looking to establish an online presence; maybe you’re an optimistic entrepreneur trying to steal some niche sales away from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Either way, any one of these products should do the trick, providing comprehensive and scalable shopping cart functionality, and giving you a reliable, fantastic-looking place to start. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Newspaper Themes (Like NYT & Washington Post) for 2017

Extra, extra! Have we got a scoop for you: the best WordPress newspaper themes for 2017. Maybe you’re a web developer putting together a website for your local newspaper. Maybe you’re an independent journalist looking to become a publisher. Maybe you’ve got something else in mind entirely. I’m not a mind reader. Whatever your motives, one of these excellent news themes should have you covered.

Initially, we wanted to put together an article showcasing only WordPress themes inspired by traditional print journalism. We really love the design of major online rags like The New York Times and Washington Post, which nicely capture a timeless newspaper design aesthetic. But it turned out there just weren’t enough of to fill out a list. We turned up a few good picks that hit the mark, but we also opened up our criteria a bit. Some of the themes we ended up selecting more closely resemble other popular news websites, like USA Today and The Guardian. But, hey, maybe that’s what you’re looking for anyway! Read More

11+ Best WordPress Cosmetics Themes (for WooCommerce) in 2017

For this radiant showcase, we’ve blended together the best WordPress cosmetics themes available for 2017. Anyone looking to start selling cosmetics and beauty products online using the WooCommerce platform will  find a fast, cost-effective starting point on this list.

Instead of dumping a massive collection general shopping cart themes into an article, we’ve decided to take a narrower approach. Each of these themes features a purpose-oriented design tailored to cosmetics.  To keep the list fresh, and make sure that recent design trends and contemporary web technologies are represented (and to make sure that no themes are out-of-date and incompatible with the latest platform and plugin versions), most of our selections are relatively recent releases. Read More

11+ Best Lawn, Garden & Landscaping WordPress Themes for 2017

For this post, we gathered up the best lawn, gardening, and landscaping WordPress themes for 2017. If you’re a developer putting together a small business site for a landscaping client, or you’re  the owner of a gardening service searching for a DIY solution, you just might find what you’re looking for here.

To keep things current, we limited this list to themes released during the past year. All designs reflect modern trends, and all features/coding use up-to-date technology and techniques. The themes were selected by hand, and only a loose ordering is intended. As usual, we turned up a couple of  favorites that topped the list, but that’s largely subjective, and rooted in personal taste. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Handyman Themes for 2017

For this roundup, we hammered together a collection of the best WordPress handyman themes for 2017. Small businesses specializing in home repair and maintenance will impress potential clients and enjoy an edge over the competition using one of these inexpensive, professionally designed themes when building their WordPress web presence.

And these themes aren’t just for handymen. Any theme on our list can easily be adjusted to fit a variety of  home and building oriented services. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and other repair and renovation professionals should find at least one of these high-quality products useful. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Logistics & Transport Themes for 2017

In this moving post, we roll out the best WordPress logistics and transport themes for 2017. Chances are–particularly if you’ve landed here from Google–you’re building a website for a trucking, transport, or warehousing company using the WordPress platform. Well, good news: one of these superb premium themes ought to give you an inexpensive head start.

Because I prefer not to waste people’s time (or my own), for this roundup, I’ve opted to only include themes crafted especially for the logistics and transport industry. Plenty of generic, multi-purpose corporate and business-flavored WordPress themes could be rigged to do the job with a bit of time and effort, but time and effort are money. The way I see it, you might as well start as close to the finish line as you possibly can. Read More

11+ Best Consulting & Finance WordPress Themes for 2017

In this valuation, we analyze the best consulting and finance themes on the market for 2017.  WordPress is the perfect platform for building financial websites of all types, and we think any one of the following themes would be a great fit for consultancies, financial advisors, brokerages, insurance companies, and everything in between.

Although there’s seemingly an endless amount of generic business and corporate-flavored WordPress products on the market, we narrowed this list to themes specifically tailored to financial and consultancy niches. Read More

5 Best Funeral Home WordPress Themes for 2017

In this brief roundup, we look at the best funeral home WordPress themes now available for 2017.  Maybe you’re a developer building a WordPress site for a client, or maybe you’re a small business owner doing it yourself. Either way, you should find what you’re looking for on this list. We hope. Life is short–we’d hate to think we wasted your time, or, worse, ours.

We realized going in that there wouldn’t be a lot of funerary themes to fill up this list. Though we considered including generic themes that could be adapted to funeral homes and services–there’s many church and worship themes that might do the job, given a bit of massaging–we decided, instead, to keep the list short and feature only sharply targeted, purpose-oriented designs. Read More

8+ Best Plumber WordPress Themes for 2017

In today’s roundup, we flush out the best WordPress plumbing themes for 2017. If you’re a developer working on a WordPress site for a client, or the owner of plumbing business looking to save a few dollars while sharpening your tech skills, we think you’ll find one of the themes on our list useful.

For a theme to earn a spot on this list, in addition to offering up above-average design, it had to meet two qualifications. First, it had to be designed (or have a skin included) especially for plumbers and plumbing services. There’s a lot of general service-oriented business themes out there that would no doubt work for a plumbing business after a bit of customization and massaging. But for this article, we wanted to showcase products offering a near turn-key solution. Read More