8+ Best Cleaning Services WordPress Themes for 2017

In this polished roundup, we take a fresh look at the best cleaning company WordPress themes for 2017. If you’re a developer building website for a client, or the owner of a housekeeping service putting together a DIY website to save some cash, this list will give you some great options (or, at least, ideas).

All themes on this list feature contemporary, modern designs and functionality. We didn’t dig too deep into the past: you won’t find sad, obsolete old themes or long-dead design trends on this list. Each theme selected is as niche and industry appropriate as possible. When we say themes for cleaning companies and services, that’s exactly what we mean. Generic corporate & business themes did not make the cut. Read More

10+ Best Science & Tech Magazine Themes (Like Wired or PC Mag) for 2017

Today we put the best WordPress science and tech magazine themes for 2017 under the microscope. Aspiring publishers looking to build the next Wired or Gizmodo using the WordPress platform will get an inexpensive head start by taking advantage of one of these superb themes.

For this article, we selected only themes that invoke a magazine aesthetic and layout. There’s plenty of simpler, minimalist blog themes out there for science & tech blogging, but that’s another list for another day. Read More

11+ Best Food & Cooking Magazine Themes (ala Bon Appétit) for WordPress in 2017

In this delectable roundup, we serve you the best WordPress food & cooking magazine themes for 2017.  Chances are, if you landed here from Google, you’re a cooking and cuisine enthusiast looking to channel that passion into your own WordPress website. These themes provide a great–not to mention cheap–way to get started quickly and easily.

To keep things fresh, so to speak, we tried to limit our selections to themes no more than a year old at publication. There are a couple of exceptions: themes too strong to omit. But you won’t find any obsolete technology or out of style designs on this list. Read More

8+ Best WP Sports Magazine Themes (like ESPN, SI & Deadspin) 2017

In this invigorating round-up, we kick around the best sports magazine themes for 2017. If you’re planning to launch a new ESPN-like or Sports Illustrated style website using the WordPress platform, you’ll save yourself time, money, and even some potential headaches by taking a short cut with one of these excellent, almost turn-key themes.

We picked only the best looking, latest themes we could find that emphasized usability when putting this list together. The majority were released during the past year. (With a couple of exceptions we felt we couldn’t rightly omit.) Read More

8+ Best WordPress Psychology Themes (for Practices & Clinics) in 2017

Today in our daily round-up series, we analyze the best WordPress psychology themes for mental health websites in 2017.  Web developers building a site for a client’s private practice, life coaching services, or clinic, can streamline the process and save some time (and money) by using one of the following themes.

Our criteria was primarily based around relevance and industry appropriateness. Mental health professionals want to project a particular image. Visitor to the site will have expectations you must meet. You’ll note that most of these themes feature subdued color palettes, and tons of white space.  The last thing you want to end up with is a cluttered site, stuffed with “cutting-edge” animations and other gimmicks, that looks like it should be publishing gaming reviews or sports news. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Celebrity & Gossip Magazine Themes (like TMZ) for 2017

In this scandalous round-up, we expose the best celebrity and gossip magazine themes for WordPress in 2017. Those of you looking to start you own TMZ-like celebrity & entertainment news website can get a great-looking, inexpensive head start by installing one of the themes on this list.

For the most part, we set our sites on bright, fun themes with strong viral and sharing features. None of these themes are blatant clones of other popular entertainment and gossip websites like TMZ or E! Online, but each embrace a familiar aesthetic and occupy a similar space, both visually and on the user-experience (UX) level. Content may be king, but the success and profitability of a gossip website depends on traffic, traffic, traffic. Social engagement and a top spot in Google are paramount.  Half-assed, under-optimized code isn’t going to cut it. Read More

10 Best WP Fashion & Style Magazine Themes (like Vogue & Elle) 2017

In this chic roundup article, we quietly judge the best fashion & style magazine themes available for WordPress in 2017.  If you’re planning to start your own online fashion & style magazine (something like Vogue, Elle, or Bazzar) using WordPress as a platform, one of these themes will offer a low-cost DIY entry point.

To keep the list fresh, no themes included are more than one year old. Out-of-style web designs have no place on a website devoted to fashion and style. If you find a theme on our list older than five years old, it’s because you’re reading it from the distant future–sometime following America’s nuclear war with China, presumably. Godspeed. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Pharmacy Themes for WooCommerce Drugstores in 2017

For this post, we’ve mixed together a healthy cocktail of the best WordPress pharmacy themes for 2017. WordPress is an e-commerce underdog, but thanks to one brilliant shopping cart plugin, pharmaceutical retailers and medical suppliers have another rock-solid, inexpensive, user-friendly option to consider when developing their online drugstore.

WooCommerce powers each of these carts, and a couple include added support for Ecwid. Our selections were largely determined by the relevancy of their design. Pretty much any shopping cart theme would do the trick for putting together an online pharmacy, but for a near turn-key solution, familiar visual cues and niche trends will give you a bigger head start. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Gym Themes for Fitness Centers 2017

Fitness WordPress Theme

In this roundup, we’re pumped to take a look at a few of the best WordPress gym themes for 2017.  Fitness centers, gyms, and personal trainers looking to build a web presence and promote their brand have an inexpensive DIY starting point with WordPress.

When putting this list together, we paid close attention to both design quality and relevance.  You won’t find any magazine themes here, simply because the designer included a photo of some buff dude lifting weights. We are discerning, and don’t like wasting time any more than you do. All included themes are purpose oriented, a few including blogging features as extras.  Many support WooCommerce. Read More

10+ Best WordPress Yoga Themes for Studios 2017

In this meditative round-up, we quietly ponder the best WordPress yoga themes. If you’re building a site for a yoga studio, dance studio, or health club, one of these themes will give a quick and easy starting point.  And if you’re putting together a blog to write about yoga, you still might find what you’re looking for on this list.  The Kriya theme is a popular choice for that.

When selecting these yoga themes, we prioritized design over functionality. Bold, bombastic design and colors just didn’t cut it. Soft, airy, pastel-laden designs–though perhaps a bit of a cliche– seemed to better fit the bill.  But we didn’t forget about function either. The bulk of these themes include support for timetables and event management. Those features are often essential to any professional yoga studio’s website. Read More