Should You Buy Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers?

It’s a rainy summer day, and I’ve got a problem.  There’s only twenty Likes on the Siteturner Facebook page, and, last I checked, one Twitter follower.  The situation is dismal, and the past week I’ve been mulling over an age old question: should I buy Facebook likes?

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar dilemma, also considering this tempting social marketing shortcut.  You’ve said to yourself: It’s not as if buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers is illegal!  Everybody else is doing it!  It can’t do any harm!

Well, you’re right about the first two things: it isn’t illegal to buy Facebook likes, and lots of other people are doing it, so we’ll leave most of the ethical and philosophical musings for another day.  It could be argued that there’s little difference between buying Likes and the old-fashioned advertising used to build a company’s image and brand.  It’s just business as usual.   Deception is nothing new: believe it or not, the cheerful mothers in Tide commercials are not washing their own clothes, and some of those stains will never come out. Read More

Siteturner Redesign and Relaunch

Astute return visitors will note that Siteturner (formerly DiabloThemes) looks a lot different today than it did yesterday.   The most astute return visitors might even have a hunch that we’ve redesigned the site with a look that’s more in line with our new direction and goals.

There’ll be a few bugs to iron out, no doubt, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.  New (and exciting?) content will be coming along shortly, but in the meantime, be sure to take a look at some of our free WordPress themes.   Maybe even, you know, download a couple.   If you want to keep abreast of what’s happening at Siteturner, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to do nothing at all.  Seems a bit lazy to us, but it’s your life. Rebranded as

As of today, has been rebranded as, with a snazzy new logo and a site redesign pending.  For now, returning visitors who are disturbed by change can rest easy.

If anyone’s wondering why I’ve opted to do this (and I’m sure someone must be), there’s a straightforward explanation: I don’t think the name DiabloThemes is in line with the direction I want to take the site. Read More

Good News, Everyone! All Siteturner WordPress Themes & Plugins Now Available for Free!

Not only have we just released our third sixth theme, Come Here Often?, we’ve also decided to release all of our themes for free! Hard to beat that deal.

We will, however, still be offering paid support (free themes will not be eligible for official support).  This support package includes 1 year of support, updates and includes support for new themes released during the year.

Jump Right In: Our Latest Premium WordPress Theme

Hey everyone! We’re pleased to release our second premium theme for WordPress theme, Jump Right In.  Allow me to keep this brief:  check out the demo, or purchase the theme here.  We highly recommend that you do both – probably in that order, but we’ll leave it up to you.

Once again, we’re introducing this theme at $39, a one time fee that includes one year of support and updates.  As with our prior theme, Jump Right In includes the DT Features and DT Testimonials plugins, and also packs in the brand new DT Projects and DT People plugins to show off your portfolio and your team.

Now We’re Talkin’, the First Premium WordPress theme from SiteTurner

Guess what, dudes and dudettes?

Today SiteTurner has released its premiere theme for WordPress, cheekily titled Now We’re Talkin’.   Instead of yammering on with the usual superlatives common to WordPress marketing (you know the ones I mean: beautiful! gorgeous! powerful! omniscient!), I’m just going to let the theme speak for itself.   But I do think you’ll like it, because I like it, and I have pretty good taste.   Take a peep at the demo, right here: the demo. Read More