DT Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

The DT Shortcodes WordPress plugin is a free, straight-forward shortcodes plugin that allows you to quickly and easily add buttons, tabs, accordians, toggles, pricing tables, progress bars, tooltips, columns, icons from Font Awesome and more to your posts via a handy button that’s added to your TinyMCE editor.

Just download the plugin below, upload to your site using the dashboard or FTP, activate it, and you’re all ready to go.   See below for detailed look at the included shortcodes and their options.

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18+ Best WordPress Property Management Themes for 2017

RealEstate Theme

It was a straight-forward task.  Find twenty of the best WordPress property management themes currently available for 2017 and put them into a list.   They’ve got to look great and be feature packed, ready to go right out of the proverbial box.

But here’s what happened: it turned out there were fewer real estate WordPress themes than I expected, and that not all of them were, shall we say, above average.   While I did turn up thirteen that wowed me, or at the very least impressed me (a couple that don’t appear here could have rounded out a longer list),  I discovered that the property management themes that excelled on the aesthetic end occasionally fell short on the features and compatibility end, and the ones that were packed to the gills with bells & whistles sometimes looked a bit rough, drab or dated on the front end.

Note: since this article was first published, many more excellent premium WordPress real estate themes have been released.  It’s since become much more difficult to narrow things down to “best”. So keep in mind that this is all a bit subjective as we proceed, and know that we regularly update this list with our favorites. Read More

13+ Best Selling WordPress Themes on Themeforest 2015

Well, here it is: our very first round-up post, and to start we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best selling WordPress themes (of all time, no less) on that gargantuan, lumbering behemoth, that force of nature, called Themeforest.  You can’t escape it, but why would it want to? It’s brought the best WordPress designers in the world together into one place to hawk their quality wares at unbeatable low prices and to pound even the toughest competition into confused, bitter dust.  Woohoo!

In preparation for launching this site, I took a look around to note what other, similar sites are doing.  There’s plenty of collections and round-ups and exhaustive lists, but very few with any character, and you sometimes get the sense that they’re a bit of a haphazard copy and paste job and that themes have been selected at random.  I’m going to try to avoid that with this post and future posts.  Of course when we’re taking best-selling, there’s less subjectivity involved anyway, and my two cents are neither here nor there.   They’ve either racked up the numbers or they haven’t.   And some of these have certainly done that.  Note that for the purpose of the list, and to maintain some cohesion, I’ve limited it to business, ecommerce, magazine, blogging and portfolio themes, which seem to the most popular categories overall. Read More