10+ Best Fast Food & Pizzeria WordPress Themes for 2017

What’s that? You want another round-up post? Can do! Today we check out the best fast food and pizzeria themes for WordPress. If you need a tasty-looking website for your pizzeria, burger joint, or what-have-you, one of these themes ought to provide an inexpensive and easy DIY solution. (Or, more likely, you’re a developer building a site for a client. That’s cool too. Please, by all means, continue.)

This assignment was pretty straightforward: find WordPress pizza themes. When it comes to restaurant themes, there’s enough out there to drown in, so it helps to narrow things down a bit for people who know exactly what they’re looking for. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Physiotherapy Themes for Clinics & Practices in 2017

Welcome to our round-up, physiotherapists (and their web developers)! In this one, we work out the best WordPress physiotherapy themes for clinics and private practices in 2017. Building your web presence with WordPress is great way to create a professional, easy to manage website and save some money while doing it.

Though the bulk of the themes on this list were created specifically with physical therapy practices in mind, we did include a couple general health clinic themes that can be easily adapted, simply because we liked them. (Particularly, our last selection.) Read More

10+ Best WordPress Dental Themes for Practices & Clinics in 2017

Let’s sink our teeth into the best WordPress dental themes for 2017. If you’re a dentist or an orthodontist with a private practice, one of these themes will help you build a web presence quickly and inexpensively. If you’re a web developer looking for a theme for a client, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

When selecting themes for this list, we went for industry appropriate designs developed primarily for dentistry, as opposed to general health/medical themes that would require some degree of adaptation. A couple themes, however, are multipurpose health themes that included a dental skin and impressed us enough with secondary features to warrant inclusion. Read More

8+ Best Single-Property WordPress Themes for Apartment Management and Rentals 2017

WordPress single property theme for apartment and villa rentals

In this round-up, we dive into the best single-property WordPress themes.  While there’s plenty of real estate themes out there, many take a broad, sweeping approach that target agencies and firms.  Here we look at a few catering to private sellers and smaller rental companies.

Unlike their more sophisticated cousins and big brothers, single-property WordPress themes don’t always need to be packed with complex features to be useful. Elaborate map integration won’t always be helpful, and directories with advanced searching capabilities/filtering might lean toward overkill. What these themes need to do is very simple: showcase one apartment building (and its apartments), one house, one villa. Maybe a cottage. Read More

5+ Best WordPress Clan Themes for Gaming Communities in 2017

For this round-up, we tried really hard to gather up the best WordPress clan themes for gaming communities that the market had to offer. We came up with five. Four excellent clanwar themes, and one that’s something a bit different (in that it’s not a clan theme, or a community gaming in the eSports sense).

If this isn’t your first stop, odds are you’ve already seen these selections elsewhere. Maybe that indicates there’s an opportunity here for an enthusiastic WordPress developer, or maybe there’s just not much demand for this sort of thing. Maybe everyone in the gaming and MMORPG still favors Drupal. Read More

11+ Best Social Media & Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2016

In this breezy round-up, we take a look at a few of the best social media & sharing plugins available for WordPress.  These days, social networking and sharing is essential to the success of most online businesses, and these plugins will encourage visitors to engage with you on social media and share your content with others.

When selecting these plugins, we looked at the depth of the features, the quality of their design, and usability/UX (including performance). Some are basic implementations, offering little more than sharing buttons, and others pack in functionality like advanced analytics and extensive customization options. Read More

Install WordPress Using FTP & cPanel

How to Install WordPress Using FTP and cPanel

In this guide, I’ll show you how to install WordPress on your own website quickly and easily with FTP and cPanel.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll be making two assumptions.  The first is that you previously registered your own domain and host it on a server that supports cPanel (almost all modern web hosts include cPanel).  The second is that you have no other website, WordPress-based or otherwise, currently up and running on that server. Read More

21+ Best Free WordPress Startup Themes for 2016

In today’s Siteturner roundup, we take a look at the best free WordPress startup themes available for 2015.  If your startup or agency is looking to save money on design & development, any one of the themes on this list should provide a good, inexpensive (free!) starting point.

For those of you tired of questionable, mixed-bag lists (there’s way too many “best of” lists that prominently feature hideous, broken themes), know that we selected these WordPress themes by hand, and that we curate the list by hand.   I (the writer of this piece) am a living human being, as opposed to a soulless, theme-shilling automaton.  Our selection process is pretty straight-forward: does it look good? Does it work like it’s supposed to? Are there some cool features? Is it easy to use? Is it actually free, or is it a severely restricted “freemium” product? Read More