8+ Best WordPress Furniture Store Themes (for WooCommerce) in 2017

For this roundup, we snapped together a showcase of the best WordPress furniture store themes for 2017. No pieces were left over. If you’re a web developer building an online furniture store for a client, and using the WooCommerce platform to do it, one of these excellent products should save you some money and time.

We suspect you’ve reached this article from Google with a certain expectation in mind. So we’ve opted to not waste your time, or ours, and limit this list to designs tailored especially to online furniture stores and home decor retailers. There’s a lot of generic e-commerce/WooCommerce themes out there you can adapt, but why not start as close to the finished product as you can? Although these themes are flexible, with lots of options on the back, most will also work as a nearly turn-key solution. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Bookstore Themes (for WooCommerce) 2017

In this showcase, we check out the best WordPress bookstore themes for 2017. Venturing into e-commerce and developing an online storefront can be a daunting and expensive task, but good news: you can leverage your efforts and cut costs using the WooCommerce platform.

Each of the themes on this list have a purpose-oriented design and feature set constructed especially for online bookstores and booksellers. Maybe you’re a small used bookshop looking to establish an online presence; maybe you’re an optimistic entrepreneur trying to steal some niche sales away from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Either way, any one of these products should do the trick, providing comprehensive and scalable shopping cart functionality, and giving you a reliable, fantastic-looking place to start. Read More

11+ Best WordPress Cosmetics Themes (for WooCommerce) in 2017

For this radiant showcase, we’ve blended together the best WordPress cosmetics themes available for 2017. Anyone looking to start selling cosmetics and beauty products online using the WooCommerce platform will  find a fast, cost-effective starting point on this list.

Instead of dumping a massive collection general shopping cart themes into an article, we’ve decided to take a narrower approach. Each of these themes features a purpose-oriented design tailored to cosmetics.  To keep the list fresh, and make sure that recent design trends and contemporary web technologies are represented (and to make sure that no themes are out-of-date and incompatible with the latest platform and plugin versions), most of our selections are relatively recent releases. Read More

15+ Biggest & Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for 2017

Brooklyn Multipurpose Theme

In this Siteturner round-up, we look at the best & biggest multipurpose WordPress themes on the market for 2017.   These are the most feature-rich WordPress themes out there, and provide the most bang-for-you-buck in the premium WordPress market. These themes are, basically, “many themes in one”.

Sometime a few years ago, in the highly competitive ThemeForest marketplace, a new type of WordPress theme started to pop up: the massive WordPress super-theme.  Themes that not only included one design, with a variety of layout and color variations, but dozens of unqiue designs, each styled with specific niches and markets in mind.   More than a single theme, these multipurpose WordPress themes were many-themes-in-one.   And remarkably, the price stayed the same – around the $60 dollar mark –  so many of these super-themes went on to slaughter the competition. Read More

18+ Best WooCommerce-based Clothing Store Themes for 2017

Maven WordPress E-commerce Theme

Today we’re checking out the best WooCommerce-based WordPress e-Commerce Themes for clothing stores.   If you’re going to sell apparel & accessories of any kind, and use WordPress to do it, you can save yourself lots of time and money by going with one of these excellent premium themes over an expensive custom design.

When selecting the themes for this list, our first consideration was design.  Does it look great? Is it modern and trendy?  If so, it makes the list.  Our second consideration was useability.  How user-friendly is it? Will it confuse or frustrate potential customers? Is it fast?  Lagging, counter-intuitive, or buggy themes need not apply.  Read More

11+ Best WooCommerce Themes for Electronics & Computer Stores in 2017

Flowmaster WooCommerce Elecrontics Theme

In this article, we look at the best WooCommerce themes for electronics and computer stores in 2017.  Mobile and cellphone providers, camera shops, DVD/Blu-Ray retailers, video game stores, and other pimps of technological gadgetry looking to build or extend their online presence and hawk their wares ought to find something here to help them out.

Due to the sheer volume of WooCommerce themes on the market, to narrow the focus, we selected themes with electronics shops and computer stores in mind.  But any one of these WordPress e-commerce themes could be adapted for other uses.   A few include skins appropriate for  apparel (though we’ll be posting another round-up for fashion retailers later).  All the themes support WooCommerce. Read More