8+ Best WordPress Celebrity & Gossip Magazine Themes (like TMZ) for 2017

In this scandalous round-up, we expose the best celebrity and gossip magazine themes for WordPress in 2017. Those of you looking to start you own TMZ-like celebrity & entertainment news website can get a great-looking, inexpensive head start by installing one of the themes on this list.

For the most part, we set our sites on bright, fun themes with strong viral and sharing features. None of these themes are blatant clones of other popular entertainment and gossip websites like TMZ or E! Online, but each embrace a familiar aesthetic and occupy a similar space, both visually and on the user-experience (UX) level. Content may be king, but the success and profitability of a gossip website depends on traffic, traffic, traffic. Social engagement and a top spot in Google are paramount.  Half-assed, under-optimized code isn’t going to cut it. Read More

21+ Best WordPress Magazine and News Themes for 2017

Sparkle - Best WordPress Magazine Themes

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best WordPress magazine themes and WordPress news themes currently available.

These themes were selected by hand, based on aesthetic and quality of features.  All are responsive, unless otherwise noted.  The list is numbered for readability, but is not intended to imply any sort of ‘best to worst’ ranking. Read More