8+ Best WordPress Pharmacy Themes for WooCommerce Drugstores in 2017

For this post, we’ve mixed together a healthy cocktail of the best WordPress pharmacy themes for 2017. WordPress is an e-commerce underdog, but thanks to one brilliant shopping cart plugin, pharmaceutical retailers and medical suppliers have another rock-solid, inexpensive, user-friendly option to consider when developing their online drugstore.

WooCommerce powers each of these carts, and a couple include added support for Ecwid. Our selections were largely determined by the relevancy of their design. Pretty much any shopping cart theme would do the trick for putting together an online pharmacy, but for a near turn-key solution, familiar visual cues and niche trends will give you a bigger head start. Read More

15+ Best Beauty Parlour, Spa & Hair Salon Themes for WordPress in 2017

Hairdo Hair Salon Theme for WordPress

In today’s article, we look at the best beauty parlour, spa, and hair salon themes now available for WordPress in 2017.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to promote your own establishment, or a developer looking to build a site for a client, hopefully you’ll see something you like.

The primary requirement of a salon, spa, hairdresser or massage parlour theme is that they look the part.  We believe all the themes on this list meet that requirement.   Because we live in the present, and not the past, they should be responsive – meaning they’ll work and look great on smartphones and tablets. All of the themes this list meet that requirement too. Read More

18+ Best WordPress Medical and Health Themes for 2017

Another day, another collection of top-notch, beautifully designed WordPress themes.   Let’s take a peep at a few of the best medical and health related themes currently available for WordPress in 2017.

If you’re building a site for a medical practice, a dentistry practice, or maybe even a pharmacy, and you’re using the WP platform, any one of these themes would be a great fit.   And most would be suitable for any other sort of health-related service, too.  You know, like chiropractors, or maybe some new age type of deal that features healing crystals and whale sounds.  Why not a homeopathy clinic? That could work! Read More