11+ Best WordPress vCard & Resume Themes for 2017

Flato Resume theme for WordPress

This time, we’re looking at a few of the best vCard & resume themes for WordPress.   Want a great looking site that will impress potential clients and employers?  Of course you do.  You’re not stupid.

There’s a ton of CV/Resume themes out there, which is why we won’t presume that these are objectively the best available.  But we’re confident that they are at the top of the pile, and each one packages in all the functionality you need to show off your skills and portfolio in a memorable, professional way. Read More

21+ Best Mobile & Retina-Ready WordPress Photography Themes for 2017

Essenza Moible & Retina-ready WordPress Photography Theme

Today, photographers, artists and creative agencies working in visual mediums need to make sure that their work and their web presence will impress potential clients across a variety of mobile, high-resolution devices.   In this Siteturner round-up, we look at some of the best mobile & retina-ready WordPress photography themes.

All themes in this round-up were selected by hand, and our choices are primarily based on design (both visual and UX).  Sometimes features influence our decision: support for the WooCommerce plugin, for example.  For this article, we first assembled a longer list of 40+ themes, and whittled it down to the cream of the crop. Read More

15+ Biggest & Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for 2017

Brooklyn Multipurpose Theme

In this Siteturner round-up, we look at the best & biggest multipurpose WordPress themes on the market for 2017.   These are the most feature-rich WordPress themes out there, and provide the most bang-for-you-buck in the premium WordPress market. These themes are, basically, “many themes in one”.

Sometime a few years ago, in the highly competitive ThemeForest marketplace, a new type of WordPress theme started to pop up: the massive WordPress super-theme.  Themes that not only included one design, with a variety of layout and color variations, but dozens of unqiue designs, each styled with specific niches and markets in mind.   More than a single theme, these multipurpose WordPress themes were many-themes-in-one.   And remarkably, the price stayed the same – around the $60 dollar mark –  so many of these super-themes went on to slaughter the competition. Read More

21+ Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for Artists, Freelancers and Agencies for 2017

Strap - Best WordPress Themes for Artists

This round-up is all about the best portfolio WordPress themes for artists, freelancers and design agencies.   Photographers, illustrators, web designers and other sorts of creative professionals might find something they like, too.

The primary requirement of a portfolio theme is pretty self-explanatory: it’s got to have portfolio functionality.  Everything else is secondary; the entire point is to showcase your hard work.  The portfolio should be user-friendly, intuitive and sortable – the more advanced the filtering capability, the better.  Because we live in the present, and not the past, you’d also do well to choose a theme that’s responsive and retina-ready. Read More

8+ Best WordPress Tattoo & Piercing Studio Themes 2017

NeoTattooSalon Theme

For this round-up, we’ve decided to gather together a few of the best WordPress tattoo themes for tattoo studios and artists available in 2017.   If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to launch a website for your tattoo & piercing parlor on the WordPress platform, one of the themes on this list ought to do the job.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: there’s not many tattoo themes for WordPress out there.  This is a pretty short list, which probably won’t be surprising to our web developer and designer readers.  Still, we did manage to turn up a few.  The basic requirements are a portfolio page, and some way to showcase client galleries and artist bios.  This is usually done using custom post types and page templates.  And, obviously, the theme needs to look the part.  Dark, rich color schemes are par for the course. Read More