10+ Best Fast Food & Pizzeria WordPress Themes for 2017

What’s that? You want another round-up post? Can do! Today we check out the best fast food and pizzeria themes for WordPress. If you need a tasty-looking website for your pizzeria, burger joint, or what-have-you, one of these themes ought to provide an inexpensive and easy DIY solution. (Or, more likely, you’re a developer building a site for a client. That’s cool too. Please, by all means, continue.)

This assignment was pretty straightforward: find WordPress pizza themes. When it comes to restaurant themes, there’s enough out there to drown in, so it helps to narrow things down a bit for people who know exactly what they’re looking for. Read More

15+ Biggest & Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for 2017

Brooklyn Multipurpose Theme

In this Siteturner round-up, we look at the best & biggest multipurpose WordPress themes on the market for 2017.   These are the most feature-rich WordPress themes out there, and provide the most bang-for-you-buck in the premium WordPress market. These themes are, basically, “many themes in one”.

Sometime a few years ago, in the highly competitive ThemeForest marketplace, a new type of WordPress theme started to pop up: the massive WordPress super-theme.  Themes that not only included one design, with a variety of layout and color variations, but dozens of unqiue designs, each styled with specific niches and markets in mind.   More than a single theme, these multipurpose WordPress themes were many-themes-in-one.   And remarkably, the price stayed the same – around the $60 dollar mark –  so many of these super-themes went on to slaughter the competition. Read More

30+ Best WordPress Bistro, Grill & Fine Dining Restaurant Themes for 2017

Vienna - Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

Aw yeah! Presenting the best WordPress restaurant themes and bistro themes available now, this very instant, in the year 2017!  Get ready!

There were so, so many restaurant themes to sort through this time around, but we somehow managed to narrow it down.  There’s a lot of variation in design here, but not so much variation in terms of features.  All themes include a menu card of some sort, and most include an events calendar.  Many offer a reservations system.  They’re not exactly must-have features, but they could come in handy.  Read More

18+ Best WordPress Café & Coffee Shop Themes for 2017

This weekend, for your consideration, we’ve gathered up the best WordPress coffee shop themes and café themes.

There’s no shortage of restaurant and food-oriented themes that would do the trick for a coffee shop website, but to make this round-up as useful as possible, we’ve narrowed it down to WordPress themes designed specifically with cafés and coffee shops in mind.   Though there’s still a bit of crossover, we’ve decided to leave other food service related themes (bistros, dining, wineries, pubs) for another post. Read More