The 10 Best HVAC/Plumbing WordPress Themes for 2019

WordPress is an excellent website option for an HVAC company, but sometimes it's hard to get all of the features you need.  That's where the themes on this page come in.  Below, we review 10 different themes that are perfect for an HVAC website.  

For this roundup, we looked for themes that include all of the important functionality of an HVAC site.  That includes a booking/calendar engine, pages for services and testimonials, contact forms, and plenty of customizability.

Check out the themes below...

Best WordPress Themes for Actors and Actresses 2019

As an actor or actress, you want to stand out.  And to do that, you need a great website to show off your previous work, headshots, and more.  WordPress makes a great option for this, but you'll need an interesting, yet professional theme in order to not get lost among other sites.

So today we're looking at a roundup of some of the best sites for actors and actresses.  Take a look at these and tell us what you think.

The Best WordPress Themes for Videographers 2019

If you're a videographer, it can be hard to find a good WordPress theme.  There are tons of themes for photography professionals, but many of them don't have all of the functionality that you need as a videographer.  So today, we're going to look at WordPress themes that are built for videographers -- or have the functionality that videographers need. 

That means built in integration with video sites like Youtube and Vimeo, an interface that looks clean and supports videos without crashing the browser.  

So without further ado, let's look at the best WordPress themes for videographers.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Nightclubs 2019

Have a nightclub? Or a bar that offers live music? Or another venue?  Then this is the list for you.

We've taken a look at dozens of music related, nightclub focused WordPress themes, and picked out the ones we think are best for our roundup of the top 10 WordPress Nightclub Themes of 2019.  While some of these themes are made just for clubs, others are more typical music themes that include the functionality you will need to set up your nightclub site.

When choosing top nightclub themes, we looked for several different features and functions that are important.  Any club needs a good events page, with some sort of events management functionality.  It also needs a photo and video gallery to showcase past performances.  Some other things that are nice to have: a shop for merch, ticketing, and music samples.

So here we go -- the 10 best WordPress themes for nightclubs.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Resume Writers 2019

If you write resumes professionally, you know that the first thing potential customers do is look at your work to see if they like it.  So it's really important to have a great web presence -- and of course, the best way to do that is using WordPress.   But you can't just use one of the basic themes that come with WordPress.  You want to look professional, and you want to stand out in a sea of other websites.

Your WordPress site needs to be clean, attractive, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate.  It's also important to have a site that integrates with social media and has a good portfolio showcase.

So what do you do? We took a look at all of the WordPress themes available for resume writers, and chose the best ones.  Take a look at the list of themes below and see which ones you like.

The 15 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for 2019

Looking for a minimalist theme for your WordPress installation? We've got a bunch of great ones for you.

Every WordPress installation is different, but regardless of what you want to do with your WordPress install, you want it to look good.  Now, there are tons of themes out there, but very few are clean and simple, with classic good looks.  In fact, there are far too many themes out there that are complicated and contain too many images and widgets.

But if you look, you'll find plenty of WordPress themes that fit the minimal bill.  Below, we take a look at 15 different themes from various providers.  Each one of them is minimal and has a clean, uncluttered design.  They also have some great features and functionality -- so they're great solutions for any website.  

10 Best Chiropractic WordPress Themes for 2019

Got a chiropractic clinic? WordPress is a great solution for you.  But WordPress isn't enough -- you'll need a theme that shows off your business professionally, while still being easy to use and attractive.  In this article, we will take a look at all of the best WordPress themes for chiropractors.

A good WordPress theme for chiropractors needs a few different things.  First, it needs to be medically based and have a clean and professional design.  Second, it requires pages for doctor information, directions and contact information, and services.  Additionally, it needs some sort of booking or appointment functionality -- although this can range from a simple booking form to a complete appointment calendaring system.  Finally, it's useful to have social media integration and a photo gallery.

We have reviewed dozens of themes for the requirements above and took the best ones for inclusion in this list.  Check them out:

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Political Campaigns and Candidates for 2019-2020 (Democrat/Republican/Independent)

Whether you are just starting to build your first political campaign site, or you are rebuilding and refreshing a current site, WordPress is a great tool, but unfortunately it doesn't support campaigns perfectly out of the box.  To make the best use of WordPress, you need a visual design as well as some additional functionality that suits your business.  In order to do that, you need to find a perfect theme.  In this article, we will take a look at WordPress themes available for political campaigns (Republican, Democratic, or Independent). 

For this roundup, we looked at dozens of different themes from different providers.  Although each theme has its own merits, we tried to find themes that had a few specific features that a good campaign website needs.  These include: calendar/event management functionality, donation options, and social media integration.  We also looked for a clean and professional design, as well as some important features for any website, such as a good contact form, appealing typography, and mobile friendliness.

So here are the themes we found to be the best.  Take a look and let us know what you think below:

The Best Free (or Really Cheap) WordPress Church Themes of 2019

Whether you are just starting to build your first church website, or you are rebuilding and refreshing a current site, WordPress is a great solution.  But there are so many different options for building your church website.  You can choose a simple WordPress theme that just gives your site a nice look and feel, or you can pick something more comprehensive, that includes features such as sermon management and an events calendar.  

In this article, we will take a look at several different free or cheap WordPress church themes, and compare them based on look and functionality.   All of these are hand picked and are the best of the best options out there.

Take a look at them, and let us know what you think.

The Best WordPress Themes For Membership Sites 2019

Building a complete membership site can be hard.  Generally, there are plenty of pieces available, but putting them together and getting them all to work correctly can require a rocket scientist.  WordPress can help with building a membership site, but you need to make plenty of modifications in order to get it to work.  You can either do that by hiring a developer, or you can get a theme or plugin that does everything for you.

Unfortunately, there are very few themes/plugins that have everything needed for a membership site.  To make the best use of WordPress, you need a visual design as well as a large amount of additional functionality.

For this roundup, we looked at dozens of different themes (and plugins, etc.) from different companies.  We tried to find things that a good membership website needs.  These include: paid registration, community functions, and sharing.  We also looked for a clean and professional design, as well as some important features such as mobile friendliness.

So here goes the roundup...

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