20+ Best WordPress Property Management Themes 2019

It was a straight-forward task.  Find twenty of the best WordPress property management themes currently available for 2019 and put them into a list.   They’ve got to look great and be feature packed, ready to go right out of the proverbial box.

But here’s what happened: it turned out there were fewer real estate WordPress themes than I expected, and that not all of them were, shall we say, above average.   While I did turn up a bunch that wowed me, or at the very least impressed me (a couple that don’t appear here could have rounded out a longer list),  I discovered that the property management themes that excelled on the aesthetic end occasionally fell short on the features and compatibility end, and the ones that were packed to the gills with bells & whistles sometimes looked a bit rough, drab or dated on the front end.

If you’re looking for something a bit more fine-tuned toward  apartment management in particular, don’t miss our companion piece on the best single-property WordPress themes for apartment rentals.

Note: since this article was first published, many more excellent premium WordPress real estate themes have been released.  It’s since become much more difficult to narrow things down to “best”. So keep in mind that this is all a bit subjective as we proceed, and know that we regularly update this list with our favorites.

Though all the themes on this list hit the mark in terms of appearance, I did have my eye out for some specific features.   I would consider the ability to create, search, and browse listings to be essential functionality.  Other considerations: compatibility with the dsIDXpress plugin for IDX MLS support, paid listings (with PayPal), Google Maps integration and responsiveness.


The Best Real Estate theme for WordPress

EstateEngine, the latest offering from the WordPress wizards at EngineThemes, is a theme we’ve been anticipating for a while.  We’ve made no secret about our admiration for this company in the past, and their industry specific themes rank highly in several of our other round-ups.

And good news, the theme doesn’t disappoint: this is a full-featured real estate solution that has the potential to save thrifty webmasters a bundle in development and design costs.  It’s understated on the face of it, with minimal, contemporary design, and its rich with features under the hood.

The theme is highly customizable right on the front-end, to some degree mimicking the experience of popular website builders, and almost every property-oriented feature you’re likely to need is provided (with the possible exception of dsIDXpress support).  Users and admins can browse, add and manage properties, review those properties, and share them socially.  Site owners can easily monetize their sites with paid listings or ad spaces.

But the primary reason EngineThemes products consistently earn high marks from us comes down to user experience.  These guys are UX experts, and it shows.  Where other developers are content to wow buyers with visual flair and animated gimmicks, EngineThemes pays attention to the fine details and very obviously bring a lot of real-world development experience into their products.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, we recommend clicking through for a full rundown of what this theme has to offer.   EstateEngine is SEO optimized, translation ready, and a breeze to install and update.

TL;DR EngineThemes does everything right and we love them for it.

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WP Rental

WP Rental Best WordPress Real Estate Theme

Not quite a WordPress property management theme in the traditional sense, WP Rental is designed for webmasters with business models and goals more closely aligned to those of AirBnB and competing websites.  It’s a fully-featured listing & booking platform that allows property managaers to sign up, create, and manage listings for rooms, apartments, condos, and houses.  Hell, mansions if they got ’em.  Pool houses.  Haunted castles?

Travelers can then browse and book these listings, and the property owner (that’s you, or your client, presumably) takes a cut of each booking in the form of a commission (or you can charge property managers based on a subscription model).  Both Paypal and Stripe are integrated as payment systems.

Note that this theme won’t be a great fit for actual real estate listings: if your agency is selling houses, the rest of the themes on our list will be more useful to you.

The usability and UX is exemplary, fully supporting front-end submissions.  Property owners will have no trouble creating listings, and can set price discounts for extended stays and additional fees for extra expenses.

WP Rental goes a few steps further, and encourages visitor engagement via support for FaceBook, Gmail and Yahoo registration/login.  Google Maps is fully integrated.  Secondary features are strong, and the popular premium plugins Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are bundled free.  Hardly remarkable these days (it might be required to include these by law), but worth a nod.

WP Rental is responsive, built on Bootstrap, and retina-ready for the high-resolution crowd.   It’s WPML compatible for translation and, hey, we haven’t even mentioned the back-end options panel yet.

TL;DR This is no doubt the best rental theme of it’s type.  If this is the business model you’re going for (AirBnB), just get it and start making money.

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Open House

open house real estate wordpress theme

Here’s a great option for people who want a turnkey real real estate solution at a low price.  Open House is completely integrated with IDX/MLS, and includes every feature you look for in a real estate theme.

Open House is a pleasure to work with, for both admins, developers and visitors – and its world-class support team stands behind the product.

This  theme is so feature-rich that I simply don’t have the room to cover it all here, but a few of the highlights are:  advanced IDX/MLS integration, Google map integration, custom property fields, front-end property management, a beautiful mobile layout, and free setup.  It’s also got dsIDXPress integration for loading in data, and preloaded MLS/IDX configuration templates.  And it’s got beautiful Retina images.

There’s no question that this one is worth a look.

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Main Street

 Open House Here's a great option for people who want a turnkey real real estate solution at a low price.  Open House is completely integrated with IDX/MLS, and includes every feature you look for in a real estate theme. Open House is a pleasure to work with, for both admins, developers and visitors - and its world-class support team stands behind the product. This  theme is so feature-rich that I simply don't have the room to cover it all here, but a few of the highlights are:  advanced IDX/MLS integration, Google map integration, custom property fields, front-end property management, a beautiful mobile layout, and free setup. There's no question that this one is worth a look. <a class="dt-button "green" "small" "fa-download"-class  "inline"" href=""https://siteturner.com/product/open-house/"" onclick="return trackOutboundLink( '"https://siteturner.com/product/open-house/"', true); return false;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><i class="fa "fa-download""></i> More Info/Download </a>

Main Street and the next one on this list, Residence, are based on the same engine as Open House, but with a different look.

All three of these are excellent themes with top features.  Take a look at Open House above for more information on this one.

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residence wordpress real estate theme

Residence is another variation of Main Street and Open House, listed above.  They all share the same features and engine.

Take a look at Open House above for more details on this one.

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Best real estate & property management theme for WordPress

The new Oikia theme from cssigniter is perhaps most notable for its simplicity and usability: this straight-forward theme provides you with the tools you’ll need for your real estate website – dynamic filtering and map integration, for example – but manages to do it in a slim, optimized package.  You won’t get bogged down by an endless array of confusing options or bizarre installation requirements.

Beyond the theme’s fantastic design and layout, the developers have included plenty of room for tweaks, adjustments, and more extensive customization to help you make it your own.  Layouts can be created, edited, and scraped using the intuitive drag & drop page builder, users can rework color & typography using the back-end options panel, and various elements can be toggled on and off.

Oikia is also SEO optimized to help boost you ranking in the SERPs (pretty important!), and it’s optimized for speed, earning a coveted A+ on YSlow.  The theme performs great on mobile devices – even those boasting high-resolution displays (Oikia is retina-ready, as they say).

Oikia is constantly updated and eagerly supported by the extremely professional cssigniter team, who have a reputation for going above and beyond.  There’s even a support forum for digging up solutions to common problems quickly.  Good stuff.  The experience and reliability of the developer is partly what earns it a top spot on our list.

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Yet another excellent property management theme for WordPress

Although the name dregs up a few bad memories thanks to that god-awful 90s sitcom, Fullhouse is shaping up to be one of ThemeForest’s fastest selling WordPress property management themes. Created by a best-selling Envato author, the theme is tremendously flexible and comes with a selection of awesome features.

Three unique homepage presets are included, along with multiple layouts and premade pages. And while the design looks fantastic out-of-the-box, the theme can be further customized (as you might expect) on the backend via the WordPress Live Customizer. Colors, fonts, and all that good stuff are fully tweakable. Go nuts.

Real estate functionality is partly powered by Opa l Estate, a powerful free plugin available at WordPress.org. Features like location maps, advanced AJAX powered searching, membership options, and payment gateway integration are provided. The functionality is really quite comprehensive–you’ll no doubt find everything you need in this theme.  UX is finely tuned, and performance is swift. No annoying gimmicks or javascript tricks to bog things down or detract from the content/listings.

Simply put, this is an exceptionally well-crafted product from the ground up, put together by a team that clearly knows what they’re doing. Worth a closer look.

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Our favorite WordPress real estate theme

We almost put this theme a bit higher in the list just because we like the design so much, but the feature set is just *a bit* thinner than the selections we’ve looked at so far. Still. its modern and professional design is truly a winner, placing high emphasis on readability, and cleverly drawing focus to the content and creating visual interest without being overbearing or ostentatious. (Certainly not as ostentatious as that description, at least.) It includes five homepage variations, the default being a slick one-page style featuring engaging animations and visual cues.

Along with the basic real estate features, Google maps Street view is integrated, advanced filtering is provided, and the theme supports front-end property submissions. One click demo installation makes it a easy to install and to set up, and detailed documentation and great support are available if you run into trouble. RealtySpace is built on top of the pretty sweet Bootstrap 3 framework from Twitter.

Worth noting: this is one of the best-selling property and real estate themes on the ThemeForest marketplace this year, with an with an incredibly impressive 4.98 out of 5 rating. I’m not sure how they managed that, frankly–usually you get at least one impossible-to-please reviewer who drags down the rating with unrealistic expectations and demands.

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Real Places

Real Places Realtor Theme

Real Places is a remarkably popular and well-received theme, maintaining a score of nearly 5/5 stars on the ThemeForest marketplace.  The contemporary, professional design boasts plenty of a character, and its topped off with an excellent UX: Real Places supports coveted usability features like front-end forms and submissions for realtors/property managers, and drag & drop layout building for site admins.  Performance is speedy and lag free.

The developers have provided lots of room for customization and variation, and must-have features like Google maps integration and dsIDXpress plugin support are included.

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Skyestate Property theme

Aesthetically, Skyestate occupies a space similar to EngineThemes’s EstateEngine, above.   Clean lines, lots of white, open space, and flat design techniques come together to create a professional, classy look.   By perfecting the UX and embracing content-focused design over visual bloat and distracting gimmicks, the developers have ensured that performance is noticeably snappy and responsive.

Front-end submission is supported, along with dsINXpress plugin compatibility and Google maps.   The theme is versatile, with several layout presets to choose from, and Visual Composer is bundled free for drag & drop page building.

Skyestate is mobile and retina-ready, providing a consistent user experience across all modern devices.   Translation ready and well documented.  Good stuff.

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WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7 is everything you need to build a fully-featured real estate website.  Beyond the fantastic, pixel-perfect design, features like the front-end submission system, built-in support for the dsIDXpress plugin, and a powerful page builder make this theme an excellent option.

The theme is fully responsive and retina-ready, meaning it’s going look and work great on pretty much any device you view it on.   It’s SEO optimized, and the powerful admin panel gives you lots of settings to tweak and adjust on the back-end.  Cool beans.

WP Pro Real Estate 7 is the seventh entry in a (very) popular series of real estate themes for WordPress.   And its predecessors are still available, if you want to check those out.

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Real Homes

Real Homes WordPress Theme

Another steal on Themeforest, priced at $58, Real Homes includes everything you need to get your property site rockin’ n’ rollin’.   The full-width photo slider is definitely a nice addition.

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RealEstate Theme

RealEstate is features a clean, contemporary design and all the functionality you’ll need to build a cutting-edge property management website.   Some of it’s capabilities include: advanced searching, Google map integration, dsINXpress support, and detail property listings.

Twenty color variations are provided out of the box, and multiple header setups give you additional flexibility.  A lot of attention was paid to user experience, and users can easily submit and edit their properties on the front end.  Advance theme options provide room for more customization.  The theme is SEO ready and WPML compatible.

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Ctitlights WordPress Theme

Like the other themes on this list, Citilights was specifically designed and developed for real estate agencies and property management.  It’s one of the newest themes on our list, and that’s reflected in the modern, cutting-edge design and features.   On the design end, subtle flourishes like CSS3 transitions, and an elegant, unique homepage layout are part of what makes this theme a stand-out.

As far as features go, Citilights provides frontend submissions and agent profiles.  The dashboard has been expertly designed with UX (user experience) in mind.   Paid listings are supported, as well as Geolocation, and the dsIDXpress plugin for integrating MLS listing date.  The theme is translation ready, and a power admin panel gives you extended control over how things look and happen on the frontend.

Guess what else? Revolution Slider and Visual Composer are included!

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Bentuestu WordPress Theme

In terms of design, Bentuestu might be my favorite – I’m always a sucker for minimal design, classy typography, and lots and lots of white space.

This theme is extraordinarily easy to use, too.  It’s fully responsive and built on the Bootstrap 3 framework.   And, as you might expect, it’s retina-ready and supports all sorts of high-resolution devices.

But most importantly, a complete booking system with an availability calendar is provided.   It’s an especially good choice for renting houses, apartments, or B&Bs.

Bentuestu is easy to customize with a straight-forward, intuitive options panel on the backend.

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WP Residence

WP Residence Real Estate Theme for WordPress

WP Residence embraces a classic layout and design, guaranteeing a pleasing user experience for all of your visitors.  The theme is responsive and retina-ready, meaning it’ll look good on everything from that expensive, high-resolution MacBook Pro to the cheapest smartphone.

Features like search saving and e-mail alerts are provided, and you can monetize the site using built-in support for membership packages and paid submissions.  Site admins can add custom fields to property listings, and integrate the advanced with these fields.   The theme also supports Facebook, Google & Yahoo login to encourage user engagement.

A couple of nice extras are bundled in for free, too – Visual Composer, for front end drag & drop page building, and the omnipotent Slider Revolution.  That’s not all, either – we recommend looking at the details page for the full rundown of features.

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WP Estate

WP Estate Real Estate Theme

Clean, concise, contemporary.  That’s the three C’s, which I just now made up to describe the WP Estate theme.   A very “now” look, dslIDXpress support, paid listinsg w/PayPal, Google Maps, Front End submission, and more make this an equally good choice.

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I’ve included this one (it was between this and a StudioPress offering) primarily because it’s ElegantThemes, and despite that the overall look of their themes isn’t what’s currently hip, there’s no denying that they still look absolutely fantastic.  There’s just something about the way they do that style that always seems to work.  This one doesn’t have some of the features of the others, but it’s worth a look if you don’t need ’em anyway.  Although we are an affiliate for ElegantThemes (meaning we get a commission if you click-through and purchase the theme), we wouldn’t include it here if it didn’t belong on the list.

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Best WordPress real estate framework for WordPress

The team at WPCasa do only one thing: create frameworks, themes, and plug-ins for building real estate and property websites for WordPress. So instead of listing each of their themes individually, for this selection, we’ve opted to simply roll ’em all up and recommend the company overall.

WPCasa have been creating real estate themes for WordPress for several years now, and the experience is evident throughout both the framework and the themes. Everything you need to build a robust site for your realty business or property can be done with WPCasa’s expertly thought out and realized product.

A listing editor, advanced searching capabilities, and administrator property management are at the heart of the framework, and functionality can be further extended thanks to the selection of add-ons and plug-ins (both free and premium). Free add-ons include a listings map, and agent list, and gravity forms support.

Themes can be purchased individually or all at once. Each one offers a elegant, clean and modern design. The UX intuitive performance is snappy. All of WPCasa’s themes, the framework, and plug-ins are well documented and excellently supported.

Be sure to check out their site and demos for more comprehensive overview. Chances are, this is the solution you’re looking for.

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Realia WordPress Property Management Theme

Relia WordPress Real Estate Theme

Realia boasts a sharp-looking design, clean lines, solid colors.  A professional package overall, and like many on this list, worth more than the price tag assigned by Themeforest.

More Info/Download



homelist wordpress theme

HomeList is a professionally-looking template that includes everything you need to manage a powerful real estate website. It comes alongside multiple working Ajax forms that make it easier for prospects to reach out to you. A wonderful Parallax scrolling will animate your static graphics.

You can easily set multiple content layers in motion while scrolling. In addition to this, you can be sure of delivering a perfect user-experience to all possible users. It does not matter what browser they decide to use – they will browse the same visually-attractive website. Your visitors will be also able to share the most exciting information on their social profiles.

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addenum wordpress themea

Provide people with the fastest way to find their new home. In order to make it comfortable for people to browse your website, you can take advantage of the following options. To start with, you will get an amazing Elementor Builder that will give you lots of advanced customization options.

In such a way, it will take you nothing to create a design that stands out from the crowd. Different widgets as an image gallery, Google Maps, video or social icons will provide your online-project with additional functionality. You can also make it easier for users to search for the desired accommodations. Take advantage of the powerful mega-menu and create various categories and subcategories.

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alpenhouse wordpress theme

An impressive rental template that comes together with a fully-functional booking system. You can easily present your chalet, guest house, resort hotel or any other accommodation for rent. Just create a directory of your accommodations and enable direct reservations.

It is possible to accept online-payments using lots of payment systems and increase the number of your international visitors. If you want to set different room rates depending on a season, you can do it by means of weekly and monthly rates. You can also add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes, and fee taxes if it is necessary. Do not forget to gladden your loyal clients with some presents. Manually create discount coupons for them and use them in your promo-campaigns.

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aquentro wordpress theme

Aquento is a top-rated template designed to bring your rental services to the next level. You can easily present your rental unit using eye-catching image galleries, counters, slideshows, and other useful widgets. In order to manage your properties, make use of the powerful WordPress Booking System.

It is also easy for you to process online-payments using various payment gateways and get money directly to the chosen accounts. Take advantage of availability calendars of your properties and make it simpler for users to choose the appropriate dates. You can also offer some extra services or packages along with the accommodation reservation.

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Or get a custom property management/real estate WordPress site built for you for $150

Here’s another option, for those of you who want a custom look (or custom features). A top rated seller on Fiverr creates WordPress real estate and property sites for $150 that include custom design for multiple pages, newsletter, content, and more. If you want to pay a bit more, you can get IDX/MLS integration, and more.

This is a great option for people who don’t have expertise setting up themes and making customizations to WordPress.

More Info


And that’s all for now, folks.  Our list of the best WordPress real estate themes for comes to end.   Hope you saw something you liked, and gave some poor designer/developer some of your money.   Many of them live on grilled cheese and tap water.

Until we meet again.  Godspeed.

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  1. Does anyone know of any light weight Real Estate WP templates that are available? All of the ones that are available to purchase all look nice, but they take ages to load. I’m looking for one with basic functionality, only one or two css / js files and as little as possible number of plugins. Basically the fastest Estate Agent theme available. Thanks

  2. This is a really amazing collection of real estate WordPress theme and I really liked the couple of Themes. I have also found one real estate related theme name RealEstaty

  3. i need to built a website for estate agency, I’ve checked multiple sites and noticed grate features for searching with map drawing on rwhitley.co.uk this site. can you please advise the best theme with plug-ins to create something similar. i am also interested to offer users to upload their properties which should displayed after site admin approval.

    i don’t know what is that but heard a way where user upload or remove a site on their website and it appears on rightmove.co.uk as well. (some sort of integration). i need that as well. please also advise if you know any better theme with these plug-ins. i want site to be lite and easy loading on pc or mobile. Many Thanks in Advance

  4. Amazing collection of WordPress real estate themes you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing. All themes are really nice specially Shandora, Eastend, Realia, Elegant Estate themes are fantastic. I will surely use such themes or will try to design it by myself with the help of Templatetoaster.

  5. As good and as clean WP Casa (featured a couple times here) themes look, I would mark them down only because of their Bootstrap 2.0.0 support. It’s 3 year old – which is a lot in today’s web world when it comes to compatibility and all.

    • Yeah, that’s not a bad point. I’ll keep that in mind next time this article is updated. I guess that’s a drawback of building on a 3rd party framework. I don’t know how much it would affect the average user, though, who wouldn’t be able to discern a difference.

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