7+ Best Content Sharing Themes for WordPress in 2020

Hey folks! In this Siteturner collection, we have a look at the best content sharing themes for WordPress.  If you’ve got it in mind to build a website around user-generated content, and you’ll be using the WordPress platform to do it, one of these themes will help you out.

Considering the popularity of leading content sharing websites like Piniterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit, it surprised us to discover only a handful of sharing themes to choose from while assembling this list.   Perhaps most webmasters are getting their content sharing functionality from plugins; perhaps some are developing custom solutions and themes.  Regardless, we did turn up some strong products, and narrowed our roundup to six stand-outs.

All our selections are capable of front-end submissions, which is the most essential feature of a worthwhile content sharing theme.  You can get by without it, but for the sake of good UX, we wouldn’t recommend it.  Secondary features that further enhance usability are also worth considering.  Facebook registration & login, for example, is nice to have, and your visitors/users will appreciate it.

OK! On to the themes.


Best Pinterest style content sharing theme for WordPress

No need to mince words: although Kickcube is the newest theme on our list, it’s easily our favorite theme for building a user-generated, content sharing website with WordPress just based on the sleek modern design and feature set alone.

The visual design is top-of-the-line, and though it’s reminiscent of a few high-profile sites (like Pinterest), it has its own unique character to offer. The developers have clearly gone out of their way to avoid overused premium theme clichés and design tropes. User experience is of comparably high quality, featuring intuitive navigation and snappy performance. This theme is fast, and there’s no clunky, off-putting jQuery effects.

It also includes more functionality than many of the other themes on this list, including membership and premium content support. The layout and design is customizable and flexible, with plenty of options to tweak and fine-tune in the admin.

Bottom line: this is a fantastic product overall and well worth the money, so if you’re having difficulty deciding on a content sharing WordPress theme, we doubt you’ll be disappointed with this one. There are far too many features included to cover in a short summary, so we recommend clicking through the product page for a full rundown. And be sure to take a look at the demo – you’ll no doubt be as impressed as we were. Highly recommended.

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Best user generated content theme for WordPress

If Kickcube isn’t quite what you were looking for, Bunchy tackles content sharing in a slightly different way. The developers bill it as a viral theme, and visitors can submit their own content via a front-end form. Site administrators can then moderate that content on the backend.

It’s all powered by the developers in-house content sharing plugin Snax. Up-voting and down-voting are supported, as well as open lists – and Bunchy is currently the only theme on the ThemeForest marketplace with that feature.

The viral community that Bunchy provides is powered almost entirely by the popular BuddyPress plugin. The team behind the theme have also wisely included support for advertising and ad placement, something occasionally overlooked by premium theme developers.

Of course, there’s a few customization options available via the Live Customizer, to help you with code-free branding efforts (adjust colors, fonts, logos), and the theme is fully responsive and retina ready for high-resolution mobile devices. Translation ready and well supported.  Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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Uploader, the Best Content Sharing Theme for WordPress

There’s so many features, bells, and whistles included with our top pick for best WordPress content sharing theme, Uploader, that you’re almost better off just clicking through to the details page for the full rundown.  Alright, maybe that’s a bit of a cop-out, because I’m a lazy writer. Here are few highlights:

Notably, Uploader supports front-end uploads, a very important feature when it comes to providing the best possible experience to your users. Ultimately, UX is more important than fancy visual gimmicks, and the developers of Uploader clearly know it.

A built-in members system is also a plus, and it’s easy to use for both visitors and site admins, feaaturing AJAX based sign-in & sign-up, profile image support, public contact details, and good stuff like that.

There’s a radio system, too, and lots of options for branding and customizing on the back-end, and…ah, just go have a look.  Or, continue to our next selection, which is…

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Best WordPress Content Sharing Theme like Pinterest, I guess, or something

The wonderfully modern and sleek design of the Foot theme goes a long way to earn it top spot on our list.   This is a masonry, grid-based theme that’s perfect for those looking to launch a content sharing website reminiscent of StumbleUpon and Pinterest.  All the functionality you’ll need is provided, including user-friendly, front-end submissions.

A highly polished theme, Foot is packaged with four different layout styles to choose from out of the box (and a third Pinterest style coming soon).   It’s 100% responsive, optimized for both display and performance across the range of mobile devices.  Features like AJAX-based live searching, AJAX login, Facebook registration, and fly out mobile navigation go even further to enhance the user experience.

The theme can be tweaked and customized using the built-in options panel.  Unlimited colors are supported, 600+ Google fonts are integrated, and the popular Font Awesome icon archive is at your disposal.   Foot is translation ready.  Highly recommended.

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Katla Content Sharing Theme for WordPress

The modern Katla theme takes full advantage of current design trends (most notably visible in its flat style) and the result is a success in terms of both aesthetics and usability.

The simplicity of Katla is one of its strengths: users can submit content via the front-end form, and moderation options are available on the back-end.   User submitted content can then be voted on by other site visitors and contributors.  The obvious inspiration for the theme’s functionality was Reddit (as the developer themselves note), though the design itself doesn’t have much in common.

The theme can be customized and branded using the intuitive, built-in options panel on the back-end.

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We also have a separate article about the best themes and plugins to create a Reddit clone with WordPress.


Cube WordPress Content Sharing Theme with Front-end Submissions

Although not explicitly intended as content sharing theme, the minimal, chic design of Cube is complemented by an essential feature: the ability to publish content on the frond-end, bypassing the admin.   This means multiple users can register and post their content (which is then approved by site administrators), and makes Cube a solid choice for building a website centered around user-generated content.

Four homepage options are provided. Cube includes a custom designed music/video player for hosting your own content, but embedding from third-party sites like YouTube and Vimeo is also fully supported.  Registration and login with Facebook is integrated, a feature proven to encourage and increase user engagement. (Hey, people are can be pretty lazy.)

Cube is responsive and retina-ready, and provides lots of room for customization on the back-end (unlimited colors and 500+ Google fonts).

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Aruna WordPress Content Sharing with Front-end Submissions

Aruna isn’t the newest theme on our list, but the responsive, high-res design remains fresh, and its advanced content-sharing functionality surpasses those of many recent competitors.

Front-end posting is supported and a bookmarking system is built-in.  Social networks are smartly integrated, and the theme supports registration/login via FaceBook.

Aruna is even optimized for Google Adsense advertising, an often overlooked feature, allowing site admins to easily and efficiently monetize their websites.  WPML compatible.

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And that’s all we’ve got for now in our roundup of the best content sharing themes for WordPress.  As always, we’ll be adding new ones as they come along.   Catch ya later, dudes!

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  1. I using the Katla theme for Madshout.com, is very clean & easy to setup but there is one major issue at present, that is end uses cant edit their posts after its been published, really needs an edit page. not sure if the author is ever going to include this in feature updates.

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