10+ Best Fast Food & Pizzeria WordPress Themes for 2020

What’s that? You want another round-up post? Can do! Today we check out the best fast food and pizzeria themes for WordPress. If you need a tasty-looking website for your pizzeria, burger joint, or what-have-you, one of these themes ought to provide an inexpensive and easy DIY solution. (Or, more likely, you’re a developer building a site for a client. That’s cool too. Please, by all means, continue.)

This assignment was pretty straightforward: find WordPress pizza themes. When it comes to restaurant themes, there’s enough out there to drown in, so it helps to narrow things down a bit for people who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Our first priority was to select appropriate designs: for pizzeria themes, that often meant a rustic aesthetic (with photos of pizzas); for fast food, it usually meant color and vibrancy. Oh, and photos of burgers.

There was some functionality to consider too. Any one of these will work on a simple multi-page site. They include shortcodes and portfolio-type features for building menus.  But a couple will take you a few steps further. Do you want to provide online ordering? Delivery integration? Some support this, often by way of WooCommerce integration, and so we’ve noted when they do.

Also, before we get started, a quick note: if you’re still looking for web hosting for your restaurant’s website, we think Bluehost is currently the best service around.

Pizza House


The bright, stark design of pizza house is partly what makes it a standout. Pizza is the obvious theme, but it can be adapted for use by cafés, bistros, bars, bakeries, and more.

The menu functionality is pretty cool, and features categorization, recipes, and nutritional information. Reservation management courtesy of the Booked! plug-in is provided. And if you want to sell stuff like T-shirts, WooCommerce is supported.

Pizza house is optimized for mobile devices and it’s retina-ready for those expensive high-resolution laptops only a few of us can afford. No coding is required for customization: a drag-and-drop page builder is provided (Visual Composer), and options can be tweaked on the back-end.

The theme is Seo optimized to help you score solid Google ranking. This one even supports Google maps and Mega Menus. Well documented tirelessly supported. Cool cool.

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The Kebab WordPress fast food theme comes next. This one comes with all the usual customization tools like Visual Composer for drag-and-drop page building and advanced admin panel. There’s three distinct demos provided you can install, with more on the way. This theme fully supports WooCommerce allowing you to hawk your wares via your site. Mugs and hats, I guess, I don’t know.

Oh yeah, Revolution Slider is included for free, and Cntact Form 7 is compatible. Like most premium WP themes, this one’s translation-ready. Unlike many, it provides RTL support for Arabic and Hebrew. Neat.

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Food & Pizzeria


Food & Pizzeria is a restaurant theme with emphasis on – you guessed it – pizza. Most of the features on these themes are similar, so the deciding factors for ‘best of’ inclusion lists are often the overall design. While that’s a matter of taste, I’m quite fond of the simple, familiar style of this theme.

It just kind of, you know, looks like the website for a pizza place. That seems important, considering that’s what we’re looking at here.

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I can’t say I’m a big fan of the name, but this is a quality product that looks the part in every way. Explicitly designed for fast food restaurants, Burgy will help you build the perfect website for shilling your burgers, fries, pizzas, and whatever.

The menus are easy to create and display, smartly built around portfolio functionality. Simple blogging features are included for keeping your customers and visitors abreast of what’s happening. You can point out all your branches using the contact map feature. That’s handy.

No surprises: this product comes packed with Visual Composer for codelessly fiddling with the layout. Pretty straightforward theme options allow you to quickly brand and tweak the theme. Nicely documented and enthusiastically supported. Retina ready and totally responsive, dude.

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Pizza Restaurant – Fast Food, Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme


Please your bets: does this theme include Visual Composer? If you said yes, guess what – you lose!

While that omission comes as a surprise (Visual Composer might as well ship with WordPress itself these days), it doesn’t detract from an otherwise strong theme. Custom menu shortcodes make it easy to set up your menus, and WooCommerce support let you take orders online directly from your website.

This one comes with two different, distinct homepage demos.  One for pizzerias, and another for burger joints/fast food restaurants.

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Here’s a few succinct ways to describe the Steweys WordPress pizza theme. Straightforward and user-friendly.  Easy to customize with drag & drop layout editing and theme options.  Flawless performance and sharp graphics across the spectrum of computing devices.  Effortless setup with the one click demo installer.  Thoroughly documented and well supported.  A huge photo fo a tasty looking pizza.

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Pizza – Restaurant Pizzeria WordPress Theme


Perhaps the highlight of this one is the 10 predefined layouts for showing off all great stuff you got on the menu.  Perhaps it’s something else, and I’m an idiot.

There’s a dark and light version of this one. A simple reservation form is provided. A drag-and-drop page builder comes with the theme. Webmasters can create, manage, and edit layouts without having to touch any code. It’s good; I like it.

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Alright, this is a big one. There’s so many features packed into Risotto that there’s not even any point in trying to list them all here. First and foremost, the most important feature, is the gorgeous design. This versatile theme includes 12 awesome, distinct homepage layouts, with four of those tailored to selling fast food to the masses.

Our only caveat is that it might be a bit too much for those looking for a simpler solution. This one even supports bbPress and Events Manager. I mean, there’s a news ticker feature.

One thing for sure, this is the best value on our list as far as bang for your buck goes.

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Simple Cafe


This is marketed as a café theme, but a single photo of a pizza in the slideshow made me realize that it would be easily adaptable for use by a fancier pizza place. Or maybe I’m just padding out the list. I don’t know.

Wait – actually I do know, I like this theme and wanted to include it. The UX and performance is fantastic. The understated, contemporary design works great.

I mean, let’s be real: the main difference between a pizza WordPress theme in any other theme is photos of pizza. And maybe some illustrations. You know, a little cartoon Italian chef, or something like that.

Bottom line: this has all the features you’d expect from a modern WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

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Food Truck


Food Truck is an older theme, but a great one, nicely illustrated by nearly 1500 sales. This thing comes with 20 highly targeted styles ready to go, from sushi restaurant, to taco truck, to ice cream vendor, with a lot of others in between. It’s being constantly updated. WooCommerce is integrated, and if you’re actually using the site to promote a food truck, the geolocation feature is pricelesss. It will tell your visitors where you’re at,  and when.

Food Truck is built on a solid Bootstrap 3 foundation, it’s retina-ready, and it’s SEO optimized for for securing sweet spot in Google.

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