8+ Best ThemeForest Alternatives for Selling (and Buying) WordPress Themes and Templates (Updated for 2020)

Frustrated with trying to sell your WordPress themes and products on ThemeForest?  Keep getting rejected? Annoyed by the pricing?  Want a higher cut?  Or are you a buyer who wants other options besides what you see on ThemeForest? If you’re a designer of WordPress themes and templates, try selling your products on one of these ThemeForest alternatives instead.

For some theme designers, it might seem like Envato’s popular marketplaces are their only option for earning a living online using their WordPress development skills.  Play by the Envato rules, or don’t play at all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The fact is, there are tons of places where you can discover great WordPress themes that aren’t Envato.  In this article, we take a look at some alternative marketplaces for selling (or buying) WordPress themes online.

Mojo Themes/MojoMarketplace

Sell WordPress Themes at Mojo-Themes

Mojo Themes (which is now MojoMarketplace), no doubt, has the highest-profile of all the ThemeForest alternatives.  If you’ve been looking for places to sell you WordPress themes, you may already be familiar with them.

They offer 50% of each sale right off the bat, which you can bring up to 70% by increasing sales volume if your product is exclusive to the Mojo-Themes marketplace.  Non-exclusive authors receive a fixed 50% cut (recently raised from 25%).

For theme buyers, there are plenty of options here.  You can find thousands of themes on Mojo, many of which you won’t find anywhere else.  This is a great first stop for your theme search needs, as much more of the money goes to theme makers.

Creative Market

A popular WordPress theme marketplace alternative

Creative Market is the next closest competitor for Mojo Themes and ThemeForest.  Authors are treated very well, taking a 70% cut of each sale regardless of exclusivity.   Authors can also set their own prices, which ambitious developers with complex products will appreciate.  Creative Market also does away with the product review process common to many other digital product marketplaces.


ThemeSnap Alternative WordPress Theme Marketplace

ThemeSnap started off as Drupal theme shop, but now runs an full-fledged ThemeForest alternative marketplace for selling WordPress themes, HTML templates, and even PSDs.

The terms favor the author, who receives 55%-70% of each sale (depending on sales volume) regardless of exclusivity.  ThemeSnap forgoes the approval process, and instead will request necessary changes after the product is live.


InkThemes Marketplace for WordPress Themes

InkThemes is one of the newest theme marketplaces for selling your WordPress themes and, like ThemeSnap, operates under attractive terms: 50% of each sale even for non-exclusive authors, and no review process.

WP Eden

WPEden Sell Your WordPress Themes

WP Eden is a ThemeForest alternative that’s been growing in popularity.   Unlike some of the other marketplaces, WP Eden targets the WordPress market exclusively.   Authors receive 50% of each sale and can set their own price.


DMartify Sell WordPress Themes & Templates

DMartify is relatively new to the game, and so far its selection of products and authors is sparse, so there’s a lot of untapped potential.   They pay authors 70% for each sale, and there doesn’t seem to be any penalty for non-exclusive products.  Unfortunately, DMartify doesn’t have a lot of exposure just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to submit your themes to as many marketplaces as possible – every sale counts!


AppTheme ThemeForest Alternative

At AppThemes, authors create child themes for existing AppThemes products.  You can get a whopping 90% from each sale if you get your sales volume high enough, but AppThemes does forbid non-exclusive products – authors aren’t permitted to sell the themes they submit to AppThemes elsewhere.   Though the earning potential of a 90% is attractive, we think authors might find it more profitable to leverage their efforts and stick to marketplaces that allow non-exclusive products.

And that’s it for our look at the best Themeforest alternatives for designers selling WordPress themes.   Hopefully one of these marketplaces (or a combination) will help you bring in some extra cash during 2017.  Happy theme selling!

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