getting started buying websites

Getting Started Buying Websites

In this era of remote working, the lure of making money online is a strong one. Almost everyone considers the idea of starting a blog or building a website. But setting up a website is hard. You need to spend months building traffic before you ever see any profit. What if we told you there’s […] Continue reading…

The Drupal ‘VDJA’ Hack — And How To Deal With It

A malware exploit has been going around recently for Drupal, that secretly exposes everything on your computer… The exploit puts a function into your Drupal blocks that appears to do nothing, but it can be extremely dangerous. And if your website isn’t prepared, you may be exposed.

How to Install WordPress Using FTP and cPanel

Install WordPress Using FTP & cPanel

In this guide, I’ll show you how to install WordPress on your own website quickly and easily with FTP and cPanel. For the sake of brevity, I’ll be making two assumptions.  The first is that you previously registered your own domain and host it on a server that supports cPanel (almost all modern web hosts […] Continue reading…

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