DiabloThemes.com Rebranded as Siteturner.com

As of today, DiabloThemes.com has been rebranded as Siteturner.com, with a snazzy new logo and a site redesign pending.  For now, returning visitors who are disturbed by change can rest easy.

If anyone’s wondering why I’ve opted to do this (and I’m sure someone must be), there’s a straightforward explanation: I don’t think the name DiabloThemes is in line with the direction I want to take the site.

For starters, let’s be honest: there’s so many WordPress companies following a similar naming pattern that, at this point, it feels like a cliche.  And I have no intention of DiabloThemes, now Siteturner, becoming just another WordPress theme business in a sea of nearly indistinguishable WordPress theme businesses.  From the beginning I had it in mind to twist naming convention at least a little bit, evidenced by the off-beat names of the themes DiabloThemes, now Siteturner, has already released to date.   There’s not much fun to be had in always doing the same thing, in the same way, as everybody else.

The second, most important reason is that I want to eventually move beyond WordPress themes.   My vision is wider than what the name DiabloThemes suggests.   The WordPress premium market has grown immensely during the past five years, and the number of WordPress businesses have multiplied seemingly exponentially.  With this in mind,  though Siteturner will continue to develop high quality WordPress themes, over the next year we’ll also be building the site into a comprehensive web development magazine with tutorials, reviews, opinion pieces, and more.

So stay tuned for more themes, more plugins, and more everything else.

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