4ChildrenWithLove - Best WordPress Charity Themes for 2014

15+ Best WordPress Fundraising and Charity Themes for NGOs 2020

In today’s round-up, we check out the best WordPress fundraising and charity themes currently available for nonprofit, non-governmental organizations in 2020.  If you’re building an NGO website for fundraising and awareness, and you’ll be using WordPress to do it, these high-quality themes will provide an inexpensive starting point. Any fundraising or charity theme worth its salt […] Continue reading…

5 Best Funeral Home WordPress Themes for 2020

In this brief roundup, we look at the best funeral home WordPress themes now available for 2020.  Maybe you’re a developer building a WordPress site for a client, or maybe you’re a small business owner doing it yourself. Either way, you should find what you’re looking for on this list. We hope. Life is short–we’d […] Continue reading…

Equipo WordPress Sports Theme

14+ Best WordPress Sports Themes for 2020

In this Siteturner roundup, we look at some of the best WordPress sports themes.  If you’re building a website for your sports club or team, a community center, or even a sports blog/magazine, one of these excellent themes will give you an inexpensive head start. We’re looking at two types of sports-related themes in this […] Continue reading…

The Drupal ‘VDJA’ Hack — And How To Deal With It

A malware exploit has been going around recently for Drupal, that secretly exposes everything on your computer… The exploit puts a function into your Drupal blocks that appears to do nothing, but it can be extremely dangerous. And if your website isn’t prepared, you may be exposed.

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